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Citizens’ Voice: June 6

“I don’t understand why people think it’s a disgrace to report wrongdoing. Name-calling those who think that the rules matter is just a bully’s attempt to get away with it.” “I have studied the numbers and support the Cleaner Safer ships referendum; many of us are willing so suffer the[…]

Citizens’ Voice: June 5

“I really wanted to help out a couple of local restaurants. Both times I went, however, neither were following any of the guidelines. Sorry, guys, I will not support you if you refuse to abide by the rules.” “Throughout our colorful history, the citizens of our fabled city have developed[…]

Citizens’ Voice: June 4

“Duval Street looks fantastic. Now, we must pray to the paving gods that a fix is coming soon to the dozens and dozens of manhole cover dips that relentlessly pound our wheels as we traverse an otherwise super-smooth street.” “Are jet boats allowed at Snipes Point? I thought they were[…]

Citizens Voice: June 3

“It was great to see the Loop bus back this week. Shuttling non-existent tourists between shuttered bars and restaurants. Soon it will be packed with unmasked drunken super-spreaders making a second shutdown ever more likely. Let’s at least try to keep that from happening.” “We want the tourists. We don’t[…]

Citizens Voice: June 1

“It’s frustrating to read comments from citizens who think people who want to reopen the economy are greedy. If wanting to support your family/employees instead of relying on government assistance is greedy, then I’ll take that label. It’s time to stop the name calling.” “If businesses want tourists in Key[…]

Citizens Voice: May 30

“The ‘Free at last’ picture in Friday’s Key West Citizen, advertising the Keys, is disgusting. What we are is almost free of the virus thanks to hard work by the citizens and following the rules and we’ve been free of the disgusting traffic on the Keys and in the city.[…]

Citizens Voice: May 29

“You don’t want to call and ‘tattle on your neighbors,’ then don’t, but don’t tell me not to. There are rules for reasons and if they are flying in and not following those rules I will ‘tattle’ I don’t know who these strangers are, where they are from or what[…]

Citizens Voice: May 28

“One third of all US COVID-19 deaths are from nursing home residents. We need to better protect the vulnerable and get everyone else back to work.” “The City Commission decided to take money from the Tree Commission to beautify the median on Flagler. Why would the city do this? It[…]

Citizens Voice: May 27

“Out to dinner last night and only three tables had diners. This is a shame on two counts: all this mask-wearing and social distancing is virus theater, much as the TSA is security theater. And, now that they are open, our restaurants and other businesses need our support. Stop being[…]

Citizens Voice: May 26

“Take a breath? After a month and a half under house arrest, which is illegal, business needs to get back to work. If you want to self-isolate till Christmas, you do so! Stop telling me what to do or others, not your job or government’s [job]!” “In the midst of[…]