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Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 1

“The Bubba system is still alive and well in the Keys. Will see if the son of the head of the board of Keys Electric gets the job instead of an outsider. Things will never change in the Keys if this continues. I am sure he is well qualified but pretty obvious why he will[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 31

“A heads up for photographers and others concerning the present Gilleran Field located in the vicinity of the Truman Waterfront Park area. Better take your photos now for future generations as that beautiful open lot and playing field will probably be a building development in the not too distant future. Maybe get some different photo[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 30

“You said, ‘By law if we don’t have the shelter all those people can rightfully camp out and sleep wherever they want to without any legal ramifications.’ They camp out on my property and they will regret it, just like the last one who tried it.” “Regarding rights, I object to the large piles of[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 29

“Will you people please stop with the ‘if you want to take care of the homeless take them into your home’ BS. Saying we don’t need a shelter is ignorant. By law if we don’t have the shelter all those people can rightfully camp out and sleep wherever they want to without any legal ramifications.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 28

“It’s time for the Poinciana tree lovers to start calling and writing the City Manager asking why his staff is doing nothing to save these trees from the caterpillar plague infesting town. His staff is well aware that this can be fatal when the tree is defoliated and that there are cures to control what’s[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 27

“There are so many unanswered questions surrounding the pocket park on upper Duval. Who pays for trash removal? Will there be public toilets? Can people sit at tables without placing an order? We should start a grassroots movement to organize weekly Saturday trips of locals to occupy the park.” “My dad was an excellent mechanic[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 25

“To the person commenting on the ‘big truck mentality,’ I am open to suggestions on how we should all trailer our boats to the boat ramp. Being on the water is one of the primary reasons most of us live here. I am not sure the city bus would be keen on adding trailer hitches.”[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 24

“Some years back the city forgave the hotel owners who had bought houses and apartments and added rooms for rent through their reservation systems without transit rental licenses. Please don’t ever do that again.” “This mess is for the State Attorney, start throwing the book at these wanna-be thug drug dealers. The police arrest them[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 23

“Wow, KOTS has no doors? Sounds inhumane. Maybe the city should just buy Ibis Bay and turn it into shelter with bar and food for the bums.” “One car-free Sunday per month would improve air quality, allow families to enjoy the great outdoors and peace and quiet and could be marketed to the visitors.” “Here[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 22

“To the dim-witted blonde woman riding your bike against traffic on Simonton Street at 8:45 Monday night, as I turned right onto Simonton from Virginia, it’s a miracle that you’re still alive! I would have been traumatized, and you would be dead! Wake the —- up!” “Just how short is your memory? Regarding the naming[…]