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Citizens’ Voice: Jan. 2

“Three cruise ships at one time. Whoever (follow the money) is responsible for this should be exiled from our island for life. The town should also give serious consideration to making the islands’ motto ‘Greed is Good.’ “ “Our apologies to the owners of a sweet white dog on a[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Jan. 1

“While I appreciate what the Rip-Off Response people are doing, I can’t help wonder what the end game is. And who’s next? Once they force all the businesses they don’t like out of town, then what? They decide another business has lousy business practices and force them out of town,[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 31

“There are moments every day when I remember how special Key West is. On Sunday night, at the Key West Women of Soul concert, four incredible performers and an amazing band thrilled us for 90 minutes. Terri White sang ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow,’ and I knew again how lucky we[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 30

“I contact my government representatives often, present a valid reason for my concerns and expect accountability. The Voice is a call to the general public to do the same.” “No one is hating snowbirds. I just don’t understand why they have to bring all their friends and family grocery shopping?[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 28

“The ‘Buck Stops Here’ folks, with the objective facts: On nearly every single objective measure of economic success, our supposed ‘unprecedented prosperity’ is at or below those of the previous administration, including record high debt and trade deficits. As for ‘action,’ 2019 saw the second least number of laws passed[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 27

“The only advice I can give to those living in flood-prone areas: Seek higher ground.” “Outplanting coral involves much more than ‘sticking a fragment into a glob of epoxy.’ Contact The Nature Conservancy, Mote Marine or Coral Restoration Foundation for information on how complicated it it to try to rebuild[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 26

“Do some research: Making solar panels is an extremely toxic process, then you need battery banks; toxic also. Large wind turbines kill birds and cost more to build than the energy return.” “Millennial, not sure what power you are talking about. Boomers grew up wanting more than their parents had.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 25

“Three cheers for the very special elves that decorate Fred the Tree every year on the old Seven Mile Bridge. Drove by at night and it was awesome. What a treat that has to be for the visitors coming to the Keys when they come across a decorated Christmas tree[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 24

“Shame on Mr. Grinch! He or she stole the solar lights from new bridge in the pocket park at McKillips Lake in New Town. It was nice, as it is located on the Christmas Trolley route for so many people to enjoy! Bah, humbug! “I worked in college admissions for[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 23

“Solar-powered buses sound great until you realize the city fleet is essential for hurricane evacuation and may need to make multiple trips to and from mainland shelters with minimal delays. Our diesel buses are fine-tuned to reduce emissions (have you seen the state-of-the-art garage?) and can be quickly refueled.” “Truman[…]