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Citizens’ Voice: March 7

“Lately the airport people who drive Sheriff Office cars have begun parking them, taking up space, with the flashing lights on. No one is in the car. That seems unnecessary and reminds me of the little boy who called wolf. It’s bad enough to have the Bomb Squad vehicle parked[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 6

“You say the cosmetic stores have cursed, spat and kicked at protesters. Do you think if they picketed any other business downtown constantly those owners and employees would treat them any better?” “I cannot advise on the time taken for bridge repairs up north, but the entire Alaskan Highway was[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 5

“I am watching news of airlines and tourists’ cities around the world taking serious precautions relating to the Coronavirus. It is time for Key West and Monroe County to be proactive and not wait until the Coronavirus is here! Ban cruise ships and the double-decker tourist buses until this is[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 4

“Quit complaining about the Naval air traffic overhead. It’s their service and dedication that allows you to continue to whine about a little noise. Quit complaining for once and thank them for their service!” “So now state, county and city officials have spoken out about Coronavirus pandemic. They admit that[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 3

“OK. The CDC says the coronavirus is coming to America. Is Key West preparing? So many people come to Key West, it will be here.” “Over half the island was sick with flu right after Fantasy Fest but no one suggests banning that germ fest.” “Those ‘nice’ cosmetic shop folks[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 2

“It’s now not a matter of if the Coronavirus will come to Key West, it’s a matter of when. We have a lot of visitors coming here and some will be coming with the virus. They are our economic lifeblood. But we need to decide what is more important: our[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 29

“All the spots I lobster and fish are healthy coral areas. Irma apparently only destroyed closed management zones. Isn’t that odd?” “So there is a study that claims the airport generates millions of dollars to the local economy. Statistics and studies will show exactly what you want then to show.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 28

“All these people crying about the new changes in the areas we can all go boating are all the same people that loaded up their boats with Goliath grouper, chicken dolphin to make their charters look good and we all know ‘summer crab.’ Don’t blame Marine Sanctuaries. Blame greed.” “You[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 27

“Has anyone else noticed the new water feature on College Road where the affordable housing is going to be? I wonder if the chemicals from Mosquito Control in the ground there is killing mosquito larvae.” “I would think that after all these years the U.S. Navy knows best how to[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 26

“Only one cruise ship may have had coronavirus and it was in Japan. So stop your panic and read the content of a news article, not just the headline.” “Walking across Duval with the light giving us the OK. A motorized bicycle doing about 30 mph almost hit us. Does[…]