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Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 28

“To the tourist who just spent two weeks and $7,000, please contribute to your grandson’s college fund and skip Key West next year. As a full-time Old Town resident and taxpayer, we can all use a little less moped honking, drunken couples arguing, trash all over our streets and adult spring breaking in our neighborhood.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 25

“I sadly voted too early and now with new info would like to change my vote. I will not vote this early again, I will wait until just a week before.” “After noticing a large number of cars with people sleeping in them along South Roosevelt Boulevard. I called Key West Police Department. I was[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 24

“So the county gave fines and penalties to the people who live in Venture Out after Hurricane Irma for code violations. Are you kidding? It’s not the county commissioners who affect the quality of our lives but rather county staff who run and operate the county municipalities. It’s their decision on situations just like this.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 23

“Where was the police or security presence during Goombay at the carnival at the end of Petronia? There were too many people: families, teenagers, drunks. I witnessed adults swearing at children, pushing children because they were overwhelmed I suppose, but this was certainly not OK! Please do a better job, Key West, to keep our[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 22

“Can someone tell me what the process was to award the lucrative contract for selling alcohol and food at the Amphitheater? Did I somehow miss the bid? Is the city charging for this? I emailed my commissioner, but he has not responded. When are we going to end the giveaways to Bubba at taxpayer expense?”[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 19

“The funding of the government buying properties needs to stop. It deters private enterprises and legitimate competition. In the Keys, government owning a majority of viable real estate is just another step toward socialism without a plan. The Truman Amphitheater is a perfect example of that mismanagement.” “Killing iguanas is simple. Just sprinkle a dozen[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 19

“No, the city should not abandon an alley and give it to the neighbors who have encroached. Who in the world determined the footpath is ‘no longer necessary’? There’s only a few walking alleys left in the historic district. Open it up and let people walk it.” “Key West needs to approach the iguanas the[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 18

“Can someone please pass a law that it is illegal to place a political ad about anyone other than yourself? I get so tired of hearing all the bad stuff about your opponent. I want to hear why I should vote for you! Enough already!” “I took your advice and called our State Representative’s office[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 17

“Yeah, the gold watch thing for employees after 20-25 years is odd, age 42-50. I thought ‘gold’ was at 50 years of service or age 65, whichever came first.” “Where’s the Keys Energy Ethics Report?” “If the Corps of Engineers can build temporary bridges for disasters, how about avoiding one and build a temporary bridge[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 16

“To the woman honking at me in front of the Basilica on Truman Monday morning around 9 a.m.: I’m the woman on the yellow bicycle, I had a green light and was legally crossing Truman. You obviously weren’t paying attention as you flew through through the red light. Be careful, don’t text while driving and[…]