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Citizens’ Voice: May 24

“Money being spent by the TDC needs to be spent on improving the quality of life for our residents. As soon as the TDC spends one less dollar on advertising, the corporations who benefit from full hotel rooms will step in to fill the void.” “Work has begun on a giant fence at 11th Street[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 23

“I met a group of German tourists on the Duval Loop who said they loved the bus and would come back because of it. They had been riding it for a week.” “Prove the Loop bus has removed one car from the streets of Key West. Prove it.” “It is 6 a.m. and I am[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 22

“Mr. Hackley’s diary shows we have the same weather now as we did in 1831. “What did you people do to this island? It was like St. Barts in the ‘70s. Quiet, friendly, no traffic, laid-back paradise. Now it reminds me of Tijuana. I hope you all got rich!” “Abandon bikes problem puzzled me, too.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 21

“So while the school district, a year in advance, is starting a national search with specific job qualifications to replace the outgoing superintendent, with five months left the City of Key West has no idea what it is doing to replace the outgoing city manager or whether there will be any standards for the position.”[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 20

“To the reader who would like to ban all ‘granny bikes’ from downtown, noting that ‘if you can’t ride a regular bike, you shouldn’t ride a bike at all.’ Three-wheel bikes are fantastic for running all sorts of errands that can not be accomplished on a two-wheeler. Snowbirds (of any age) on [three-wheelers] can keep[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 18

“Tax-free holiday for hurricane supplies. Are tequila, rum and limes considered hurricane supplies?” “School District: It’s a year out from the superintendent leaving. Let’s start a national search so we have an orderly transition with plenty of time.” “Rotting seagrass is normal, it stabilizes sand, enriches the soil for mangroves and builds the island. The[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 17

“Sign suggestion: ‘So far, 10,443 bicyclists did not come to a complete stop this year.’” “Calling a couple ‘folks’ instead of ‘guys’ or ‘girls’ will not solve the problem.What if, in addition to being non-specific sexually, they are also non-specific species-wise?” “By all means call all your best friends ‘sweetheart’ and respond accordingly among yourselves.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 16

“We have volunteers painting street signs and cleaning up trash on the beaches so how about have volunteers policing bicyclists? They could give out citations to anyone violating traffic laws. I could write at least 50 a day just to people riding the wrong way on Lazy Way Lane!” “A houseboat city? We do have[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 15

“Enough already with the KOTS issue. The city needs a place for KOTS and the sheriff wants affordable housing, so why not just swap the two properties? After all, what difference does it make who builds the affordable housing. Plus the sheriff seems to have a better handle on how to finance and build it.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 14

‘‘‘Strategic Planning’ in Key West? I want some of whatever it is that you’re smoking these days.” “TV drug ads, TV lawyer ads, TDC. Life was better without them.” “What’s that old expression? ‘There’s a sucker born every minute.’ Pocket park with a food truck that can seat 160 people! How long before Truman Waterfront[…]