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Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 30

“The watersports flags are already waving at the new pocket park.” “What is there left to ‘plan’ in Key West? The place is jam-packed full and nothing is going to change.” “What? The Western Union is out of money again? Guess what, taxpayers, it always will be out of money.”[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 29

“The Sanctuary proposals have the areas broken into small maps of small areas just like the last time so we cannot see the overall impact. This is meant to deceive the public. They did not learn anything from the last time. Will a citizen have to put them all together[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 28

“Please, City of Key West, do not drain Lake Smathers on South Roosevelt Boulevard. There is what appears to be a breeding pair of manatees in it that should not be disturbed, no matter what the inconvenience to pedestrians and bikers.” “Re: Tropic Cinema! Many locals were involved in the[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 27

“Friday’s headline ‘Workforce Housing Moves On’ should say ‘Workforce Moves On’ because that’s what is really happening. I’ve had over 100 friends, all in the service industry, move because of greedy landlords and cheap business owners.” “It’s time to stop complaining about the Tree Commission members and start holding the[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 26

“The Tropic Cinema is fast becoming the mini Regal. It’s amazing that a once-treasured institution in this increasingly downtrodden town will soon be just a memory. Bring on more tacky movies, more booze and reject those who financially contributed and built what was once a unique, small-town, well-respected art house[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 24

“Cities across America and around the world have closed downtown streets to traffic because it is in the greater public good to make them pedestrian areas. To think that there is some legal argument which prevents Key West from doing so is ludicrous.” “Such a shame that business owners feel[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 23

“As if the motorized bicycles aren’t dangerous enough, yesterday as I was running by Smathers Beach, within five minutes four motorized ‘scooters,’ like the little kids’ kind we used to push by foot, whizzed by me. I heard nothing until they were right next to me; no bells or horns[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 22nd

“I just read the city manager contract attached to the City Commission agenda. It doesn’t say anything about overtime. Lots of references to how other city employees are paid. Salaried employees received a ton of overtime after Irma. This should be made clear. It is clear he can take off[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 21

“I just read the article about banning children’s drink boxes and pouches in Key West. Nothing mentioned about the skinny red straws from the coconut man at the Southernmost Point! Every day they are found on the ground, near drains everywhere, for blocks. I have picked up hundreds when walking[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 20

“The plastic on our beaches comes from the Amazon river delta, it is brought by Gulf Stream currents and is more abundant when we have a south wind — read the labels when you pick it up. Not local local plastic. This same current brings the sargasso weed also, comes[…]