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Citizens Voice: April 15

“People are entering Key West through the Cuban tunnel. The county needs to set up a checkpoint.” “The value of a house, conch or otherwise, is the amount for which a seller is willing to sell and a buyer is willing to pay, in an arm’s-length transaction.” “To the people[…]

Citizens’ Voice: April 14

“Navy watchstanders are ‘responsible for everything in sight and sound of their post.’ This philosophy taken to heart by businesses, home owners, city and county employees and the community as a whole will create the paradise we profess to be. One Human Family working together to better our little piece[…]

Citizens’ Voice: April 11

“Loved the photo of the Citizen of the Day with glasses and a mask! Way to keep your sense of humor, Key West!” “A rake does all the work of a leaf blower but actually removes the leaves. A leaf blower makes a ton of noise and doesn’t solve any[…]

Citizens Voice: April 10

“Taking early morning walks in European cities, you see the store proprietors sweeping and hosing down sidewalks in front of their shops.” “I, too, have seen ‘tourists’ here from the epicenter of the virus New York, riding rental bikes, golf carts and mopeds. I thought the city mandated a 14-day[…]

Citizens Voice: April 9

“No tourists are coming in on the commercial flights, it’s residents and those who own businesses and property. There are still residents stuck overseas who can’t get home. The commercial flights also carry our mail, supplies and other vital life support items and in the absolute worse case scenario multiple[…]

Citizens Voice: April 8

“Long live the Conch Republic!” “It’s easy to say that someone else’s business is ‘non-essential’ when your paycheck is guaranteed. Our ‘non-essential’ business repairs plumbing. Don’t call us when your home is flooding. We are ‘non-essential.’ Twenty-three years of blood, sweat, and tears down the drain. Was it worth it?”[…]

Citizens’ Voice: April 7

“Um … The locals and residents can’t, in the course of a normal day, help out service industry workers right now either without directly donating money or buying gift certificates.” “I listened to a person complaining to a cashier about not having their brand of pizza and sale items. She[…]

Citizens Voice: April 4

“Duck hunting,1855: Ducks – 13, William Hackley – 0” “Please stop boasting that only a few passengers are on incoming flights. If you believe the data, the chap from New York who flew in Friday could infect two people, those two would infect four, and so on. If you think[…]

Citizens Voice: April 3

“Thumbs-up to the teenagers picking up litter in their neighborhood. It made me happy to see this kind community spirit during such a hard time.” “Visitors, stay away, nothing is open for you and I mean nothing. Key West is buckling down as with the rest of the country, we[…]

Citizens’ Voice: April 2

“Now is the time that the TDC should be marketing the Keys as a place not to come. I just cannot believe that flights are arriving. Now is the time to protect our population. We have very limited resources to deal with this. We must keep our numbers low.” “I[…]