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Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 13

“I see that our city officials want to raise property taxes again so they can hire more people! Don’t they realize that landlords will just pass this along by raising rents? If they really wanted affordable housing they would lower property taxes!” “Thank you to The Citizen for following ethical[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 12

“Let me get this straight. You can ship 35,000 pounds to the Bahamas on a container for $4,500, but these guys are bringing 3,000 pounds for $8,000? On top of that, they have a photographer on the team screaming at everyone on Facebook about how they know what they are[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 11

“Of course there’s going to be metered parking at Smathers. The greed of this city will always win. Try naming one instance where locals are taken into consideration.” “Someone actually thinks that adding more parking meters will cause our tax rates to go down. What a joke. The city is[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 10

“So there is a brand new bike lane on Cross Street on Stock Island that the county is letting people park on and not ticketing them. The people parking there have curb cuts and off-street parking at their homes and are still parking there. Just waiting to see that first[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 9

“While I commend the leaders of ‘Key West Cares’ for its immediate response to organize the citizenry to donate to the Dorian victims, they have ruled out many people who do not use social media. I would like to join their efforts but I have not found an alternate way[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 7

“I wish all these people wanting to close Duval would remember the traffic study done a few years ago that clearly stated our Old Town streets are over-capacity. It is not possible to close Duval without creating gridlock on other streets. A pedestrian Duval would be nice, but it’s just[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 6

“At long last the city is beginning, albeit haltingly, to enforce the HARC guidelines on Duval Street. Get rid of the multicolored neon, the papered-over windows, glaring strip lights and the computer monitor advertising flashing at passersby. It all looks awful. It isn’t the Mall on Duval hurting these businesses[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 5

“Never underestimate the power of friends and networking. A friend of my daughter reached out to us on Instagram from Eleuthera. That was the only way he could contact us. He reported three persons stuck in a flooded house for three days in Spanish Wells, one with a broken leg.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 4

“Am getting the feeling the town is really losing its way about servicing the citizens of Key West. As a homeowner willing to do my own work, I comply and submit a simple permit request with very clear detailed plans and meeting all requirements and I see contractor permits getting[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 3

“I am very disappointed to read about the installation of parking meters along the beach and behind the courthouse. I am a Big Coppitt resident and Key West is my city where I go to do everything. Can I get that parking pass? Hell, no. This is greed, pure and[…]