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Key West Chamber sends letter to Nuclear Regulatory Commission

To: May Ma, Director, Program Management, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Re: Florida Power and Light Application for Renewal Dear Ms. Ma, The Greater Key West Chamber of Commerce would like to express its deepest concerns about Florida Power & Light (FPL)’s Turkey Point facility. Recently, we have been informed by our Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority[…]

Can the Keys turn tragedy into triumph?

Apparently, it takes is a Category 4 hurricane to get movement on an issue that’s been haunting the Florida Keys for decades. For years, there’s been a shortage of affordable places for working people in the Keys to live. Hurricane Irma then blew through and destroyed even more of them. Regardless of which side of[…]

Giving thanks for what’s truly important

As we gather today and enjoy the company of friends and family, it’s as important as ever to be thankful for all that’s near and dear to each one of us. For many, giving thanks for loved ones or good health are constants. For others on this Thanksgiving, fourteen months after Hurricane Irma forever changed[…]

Snowbirds gardening in Paradise

Timing is everything in so many things and gardening is no exception. Full-time residents of the Keys enjoy myriad delights of the summer – glorious blooming shrubs and bountiful quantities of succulent mangoes and avocados. We snowbirds have a trickier task. I love to grow pineapples and delight in seeing the fruit pop up in[…]

Mid-term season ends — What does our future hold?

Now that the mid-term election season is mercifully over, what can we expect in the coming months? Even a crystal ball probably wouldn’t tell us exactly where we go from here. The nation’s sensibilities are morphing so dramatically and so quickly it’s anyone’s guess what happens next. We did see the largest early turnout for[…]

Blooming plants to brighten your patio

Planting containers with blooming flowers can bring an immediate uplift to a tired front porch or brighten a drab spot on your patio. With so many beautiful ceramic pots available locally, the container itself can be a work of art. Start with one or a group of several large containers of different sizes. An odd[…]

This year’s amendments — voters beware of what’s on the ballot!

In the pages of this weekend’s newspaper, you’re receiving an explanation of some of the amendments on this year’s election ballot. It’s intended to simplify the complex language into something more digestible for most of the voting public. Many of us consider ourselves conscientious voters. We carefully weigh information to help with our decisions. We[…]

Political advertising is reaching new lows

As party and ideological lines have deepened the past few years, perhaps it’s no surprise that political advertising appearing on television and online is more vicious this year than ever. No, it’s not your imagination —it’s getting worse. Candidates and PAC’s (Political Action Committees) are treating next month’s Florida elections like a UFC title match,[…]

We’re being overrun by the invasive iguanas

Let’s start this piece by warning all the animal lovers out there the same way certain television shows like the “Walking Dead” are previewed: WARNING — This column contains strong language and may not be suitable content for some readers. On most days, the Keys resemble either an alien invasion or something from a George[…]