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Slow down, partner; this isn’t the Wild West

Iguanas. They are the unwelcome guest, lizard non-grata. The mere mention of them conjures extreme feelings of angst, frustration and disgust in many of us. Even hardcore animal lovers have a tough time siding with iguanas. Eradicating them from our properties has included everything from traps to hurling rocks, to[…]

Who should control area public schools?

A recent editorial, “Life is, and should be, about choices,” republished from the Winter Haven News Chief in the July 26 edition of The Key West Citizen, mischaracterized the recent activities surrounding the July 18, 2019 State Board of Education meeting in Polk County. A group of advocates rallied that[…]

Consider options to new bus facility

Mr. Superintendent, Chair Highsmith, and board members: For the record, I’m John Padget, a resident of Key West for 29 years. Today, I’m speaking for myself, for the Monroe County Education Foundation as President-Emeritus, and as founder of the Golden Fleece Foundation, the largest charitable donor to Monroe County students,[…]

What we have here is a failure to evaluate

The Monroe County School District price tag of $16.75 million for the new bus depot facility on Stock Island continues to test the mettle of School Board members after entities like the Key West Chamber of Commerce weighed in to discourage the project. In a letter to The Citizen last[…]

Coral disease threatens everything

It wasn’t that long ago that we classified the Florida Keys Reef Tract as vibrant, breathtaking and gorgeous. Despite not readily visible to the above-water eye, we took comfort in this simple, majestic, linear amalgamation of coral, seagrass and accompanying sea life as a gift and not to be taken[…]

Memo to Monroe County Commission: Consider the implications

There has been considerable discussion in the past two weeks regarding the Monroe County Commission’s next steps after the findings of a salary study by Evergreen Solutions Inc. reported that some of the county’s and the Sheriff’s Office’s highest-paid employees are making as much as 21 percent less than their[…]