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Canadian newsprint tariffs will hurt local newspapers

It’s no secret that America’s newspapers have struggled the past decade. Social media and myriad forms of digital news serving options have caused the industry to ‘self-correct’ in many ways, resulting in downsized operations and fewer copies. As many metro newspapers began neglecting local news coverage when hard choices needed to be made as circulation,[…]

Homeless shelter situation continues to bewilder us

Monroe County has been faced with many tough decisions in the past year as we all strive to move beyond the impacts of Hurricane Irma. We’ve seen it evident across a variety of subjects, from the environment to housing. Most of the tough decisions take a considerable amount of hard work and political will to[…]

Why people eat when they’re not hungry

“Eating healthy is easy.” That’s what a client that weighed more than 350 pounds told me. “My problem isn’t what I’m supposed to eat. My problem is the food I eat when I’m NOT hungry.” That admission was a surprising insight into obesity. It turns out, there are many situations throughout the day that can[…]

Another mini-season bites the dust … thankfully

Can we please stop the madness that shows up this time every year? Hasn’t this whole exercise run its course by now? To many in the Keys, lobster mini-season is one of those subjects you avoid, like religion and politics. Those that can’t hold their tongue generally have little positive to say about it. Artificial[…]

Sometimes we need to swallow the bitter pill

Few things in life are absolute. Some things are simply “More right and less wrong”. Such was the case with this week’s unanimous decision by the Monroe Board of County Commissioners to establish a municipal service taxing unit (MSTU) to help fund the rebuilding of Fisherman’s Community Hospital in Marathon. As Keys residents, we find[…]

Newspaper shootings hit too close to home

When a gunman blasted his way into the Capital Gazette newsroom on Thursday, he not only took the lives of five innocent individuals, he took the last vestiges of American journalists’ sense of safety and security. While our colleagues worldwide have endured censorship, torture and even death for daring to print the truth, in America,[…]