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Linda Grist Cunningham

Waving red, white, blue

Can mask-wearing, left-leaning folks wave the flag? Two flags fly on my front porch. The one of red, white and blue. The second the Pride flag or the Conch Republic flag. But a recent conversation caught me up short when a friend casually declined to wear her favorite red, white[…]

Here’s 5 kids things to do

If I hear one more sanctimonious coronavirus fan-folk tell me to stay at home, I’m going to snatch them bald. I don’t want to stay at home. I want you to wear your mask, stay 6 feet away and wash your dang hands. Why should I have to hunker down[…]

Are we there yet?

Anyone else feeling like the unruly kid in the backseat? The one whining on a sliding scale that grates on your last nerve? Are we there yet? Well, I’m that kid. Between global politics run amok and a coronavirus ditto, I’m just so over this road trip. I’ve eaten all[…]

Let’s create Key West ‘mask envy’

Since March, when early advice suggested masks might help slow the spread of the coronavirus, Key West and up-the-Keys residents have been pretty good about wearing some sort of face covering. From a makeshift T-shirt pulled up from the neck to the standard buff and paper PPE, we figured out[…]

Can we escape mainland conflicts?

Shortly after Key West’s peaceful George Floyd demonstration this past Monday, a video made the rounds on social media of a pudgy, definitely angry, white man on a wobbly bike shouting “white lives matter” and obscenities and flipping the bird. The boomer-aged man was identified as an out-of-town timeshare owner.[…]

Come Monday, tourists return

Last week I had to drive to and from Miami on a family errand. One of those things that couldn’t be put off, so as much as I dread that 150-or-so-mile drive, up to the mainland I went. Once I got up toward Marathon, there were miles and miles of[…]

We are not all in the same boat

I cringe over hashtag inanities like #sameboat, #inthistogether or #gotyourback. We aren’t in the same boat, we are not in this together and we sure as heck forget to “got your back.” We are, give or take a few, 7.6 billion people in, say, 76 million boats floating on one[…]

Meet the Cat 5s

Let’s get this on the record first: We like cats. Witness the five of our own — known locally as the Cat 5s — and the one or two foster kittens that have the run of the house on a semi-permanent schedule. Aside: Why add foster kittens? Well, Michael, our[…]