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Linda Grist Cunningham

I’m not sharing my bathroom with an iguana

Fair warning: Not for the iguana lovers. If you get all muggly-snuggly over your resident iguanas, go read something else. Right now. Because … Smashed. Dead. I am not sharing my Key West bathroom with an iguana. Challenging enough to share it with the Cat 5s, a husband and the[…]

How to stay on the island forever

Well, we did it. We bought our Key West forever home. On the auspicious date of 02-20-2020, Ranger Ed and I paid cash for the tiny home five blocks down the street. I’m already decorating and working on floor plans. It’s on the ground floor, which gave us pause considering[…]

Can I still come to Key West on vacation?

“When your town’s paychecks depend on tourists, second-home owners and vacation rentals, it’s downright discourteous to say, “Y’all stay the heck out of here.” For sure, no one that gets paid to promote tourism in the Keys is gonna put it that bluntly. I’ll do it for them. I’ll add[…]

Diagnosis: Key West crud

While I was supposed to be listening to the sermon in church this past Sunday, I was instead taking stock of my symptoms. Tickle in throat to promise a full-out cough coming soon. Stuffy nose to remind me to add tissues to the grocery list. A bit of the overall[…]

9 things to do on a rainy Key West day

Chances are pretty good if you’re in Key West during the winter you won’t encounter much rain (or snow, come to think of it). But there are those gloomy days when it’s chilly and windy and just not what you’d planned for your winter escape. What does one do in[…]

How will you spend this extra day?

“Man, I am way swamped. If I could just get one more day …” Or variations thereof. We’ve all said them; perhaps even a couple minutes ago. Well, my friends, today we’ve got that one more day. It’s Leap Year Day. Good ol’ Feb. 29, 2020. What are we going[…]

Grow a Key West tomato: How hard could it be?

“Well, good luck with that,” chuckled two Key West master gardeners as I enthusiastically explained our preparations for planting tomatoes in the front yard. Huh? This is sunshine country. Tomatoes thrive in sunshine. When grocery store tomatoes don’t come from Mexico, they come from Florida, right? Tomatoes are a fruit[…]