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C.J. GEOTIS - Citizen Fishing Columnist

What’s a Line OFF?

We are still fighting constant wicked-windy weather conditions. But those of us who have been able to get out on the water lately have been finding some very good fishing. Mahi mahi are being caught near shore, the bulk of which is occurring between 120 and 300 feet of water.[…]

Bayside, oceanside — it’s all good in the Florida Keys

Someometimes, I like to take a fishing trip on the bayside. Usually, when I do this, my next-door friend and fishing-buddy, Mike, is with me. He knows his way around out there much better than I do and even though equipped with a GPS chart-plotter “local knowledge” — which really[…]

Bad boat news turns to good boat news

It has been two weeks since my last fishing trip. Except one trip that turned out badly. My buddy, Mike, and I fired up the EP2 one early Saturday morning and headed out to catch some snappers. With the sketchy weather we have been having lately and not wanting to[…]

Could I have just made my first mistake?

I had another opportunity to change my fishing strategy to avoid big seas way offshore. I wanted to run out and do some fishing. I did not plan to stay out all day and I did not want to run into the heavy winds that were forecast for later in[…]