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C.J. GEOTIS - Citizen Fishing Columnist

A great start to a summer fishing season

So far, it has been a great summer fishing season. And, it is only May. I wait all year for this. I still don’t understand why my snowbird friends don’t come to the Keys in the summer. Most of the time, I hear them talk about it being too hot. And although it is hot[…]

His first mahi mahi … and a monster at that

My buddy, Dan, and I met early Sunday morning and put the finishing touches on preparing his 28-foot Hydra Sports for a day of offshore fishing. Dan had invited Dave Swingle and his son, Matt, to join us in a day of offshore fishing. Dave owns a business in Pennsylvania and Matt lives and works[…]

No fish … pork chops

What an embarrassing situation I find myself in. I had a great idea for a fish story. But, it all went down the drain. My wife’s favorite fish is yellowtail snapper. She likes the filets coated in panko bread crumbs and then fried in oil. So, that’s how I have been cooking them for years.[…]

Babies and Burdines and boats. Oh my!

Most of the time, my boating involves fishing. In fact, most of my boating is only to get me to the fishing grounds and then provide a place for me stand when I’m catching fish. But once in a while something comes up and I spend a boating day that does not include fishing. That[…]