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Are there steps you can take to prevent Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s?

Americans like to fix things. When something breaks, we’re good at figuring out how to get it working again. That’s especially true with our health. Have a heart attack? If you live, doctors can perform bypasses with incredible skill. Cholesterol too high? There are several drugs that can bring it down to a reasonable level.[…]

Here are 10 more tips to keep the pounds off

Losing weight is difficult, but millions of people do it every year. The part that trips most people up, is keeping the weight off. Estimates vary, but studies show between 5 and 20 percent of dieters keep the pounds off for two years or more. That means between 80 and 95 percent put the weight[…]

4 more questions to ask before taking an at-home DNA test

Genetic tests are big business. Last week I shared two important questions you should ask yourself before taking a test. First, how would you react if you found out your parents, weren’t the people you thought? It’s rare, but it has happened. Second, what would you do if you found out you carry a potentially[…]

2 questions you should ask before taking an at-home DNA test

For less than $100, companies are offering to look at a string of your DNA and tell you everything. Are you at risk of developing diabetes, cancer or arthritis? Where does your family come from? What are the chances you carry a harmful gene you could pass on to your children? As the cost for[…]

Can less salt in your daily diet help lead to a longer life?

The amount of salt you eat daily can have a profound impact on how long you live. An analysis published in The Lancet Chronic Diseases Series concluded that if global salt intake was cut by just 15 percent, we could prevent 1 million deaths a year. The reason salt is so deadly is because of[…]

Best time to throw out your old running shoes

“As a general rule, plan on replacing your running shoes about every four months or 300 to 500 miles.” That’s advice I’ve been sharing from running and footwear experts for more than 15 years. But then a friend challenged me. She wanted to know if there were any real-world tests to prove that number. It[…]

Why people eat when they’re not hungry

“Eating healthy is easy.” That’s what a client that weighed more than 350 pounds told me. “My problem isn’t what I’m supposed to eat. My problem is the food I eat when I’m NOT hungry.” That admission was a surprising insight into obesity. It turns out, there are many situations throughout the day that can[…]

Exercising with a cast can prevent muscle loss

Breaking a bone can be a traumatic ordeal. Beyond the initial pain, there’s the hassle of dealing with braces or casts to keep things immobile so you can heal properly. But once things have mended, that’s not the end of the problem. An arm or leg in a cast starts to lose muscle mass in[…]

Does buying and eating healthy food mean higher cost?

“I can’t afford to eat healthy.” That’s what a friend of mine said when I asked him about his food choices. He was filling his shopping cart with frozen pizzas, high sugar breakfast cereals and regular soda. “Whenever I buy healthy food, it costs me a lot more, so now I just buy what I[…]