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How to buy the highest-quality eggs

Eggs, especially egg whites, are considered a source of high-quality protein. But picking up a carton of eggs in the supermarket has become increasingly confusing. There are many claims and promises on the cartons, and not all of them are meaningful. Here’s what to look for to make the best decision. Find the freshest. Most[…]

Eggs: The good news and the bad news

Eggs have been in and out of favor several times over the last 50 years. They’ve been hailed as a great source of high-quality protein and condemned for all their cholesterol. The decision on whether to eat them is driven by myth almost as much as it is by facts. To help you decide if[…]

United in faith, hope and love for Pittsburgh victims

“We forgive ourselves and each other; we begin again in love.” Key Westers from all walks of faith and life stood united against hate and violence on Sunday afternoon at an interfaith ceremony held at the local B’Nai Zion synagogue. The event honored the lives and beliefs of the 11 members of the Tree of[…]

What race directors wish every runner knew

Register early, because you’ll get the best deal. It’s not uncommon for a race to charge as much as 30 percent less when you sign up and pay at least a month in advance. Typically prices go up three times. Once when you’re a couple weeks out, then the day before the run and finally[…]

Hormone may be responsible for polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that causes a group of symptoms in women. Those symptoms include cysts in the ovaries, weight gain, problems regulating sugar, excessive hair growth in uncommon areas and hair loss that mimics male pattern baldness. It’s also responsible for acne, irregular or skipped periods and high levels of male[…]

How to encourage healthy habits in people you love

There are many things that can jolt people onto the path of healthier living. It could be a serious medical diagnosis, the ending of a long-term relationship or something as simple as catching an unexpected glimpse of yourself in the mirror. The key to success is your desire for change. However, you may not be[…]

Designing proper walking and running routes

Walking and running outside can be a lot more interesting than using a treadmill, but there’s more to it than just stepping out the door and taking off. Here are some of the things you should consider when mapping out a route. Distance. Figure out how far you want to go. There’s probably not much[…]

Multivitamins failed to protect against heart attacks or stroke

People taking multivitamins to prevent a heart attack or stroke are wasting their money. That’s the conclusion of a review article published in the June, 2018 copy of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Researchers combed through the results of 18 published studies, with more than 2 million participants who were followed for[…]

Dehydration may affect your mental performance

Dehydration is a condition where you’re losing more fluids than you’re taking in. Doctors typically divide it into three stages, mild, moderate and severe. At the moderate and severe levels, you may experience symptoms like dizziness, coma and even death. It’s a serious condition that requires immediate attention. Now researchers have found there can be[…]

Are there steps you can take to prevent Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s?

Americans like to fix things. When something breaks, we’re good at figuring out how to get it working again. That’s especially true with our health. Have a heart attack? If you live, doctors can perform bypasses with incredible skill. Cholesterol too high? There are several drugs that can bring it down to a reasonable level.[…]