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Symptom checker for colds, flu, coronavirus and allergies

This article is a compilation based on information from the United States Centers for Disease Control, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the National Health Service in Great Britain and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Waking up with a stuffy nose, coughing and sneezing, is a[…]

How washing your hands can help you to live longer

How many times a day do you touch your face? According to a study done by Dr. Wladimir Alonso with the National Institutes of Health, it’s nearly four times every hour. Now, I want you to think about what your hands have touched over the last hour. Did you hold[…]

What’s the differences between a sprain and a strain?

The words sprain and strain are often used interchangably when talking about soft tissue injuries. They may appear similar, but the underlying injury is different. A sprain happens when ligament tissue has been stretched or torn. Ligaments are a tissue that attaches bone to bone and helps keep structures stable.[…]

Create healthy habits for yourself by reducing friction

How many times have you been told you need to eat more vegetables? That regular exercise is good for you? Or that you should get more sleep? In 1991, the National Cancer Institute found that only eight percent of Americans knew they should eat five servings of fruit and vegetables[…]

Can air pollution erase the benefits of outdoor exercise?

Running outside is a great way to get cardio exercise. What could be better than taking in the sights, sounds and fresh air from an outdoor run? Unfortunately the air may not be as fresh as everyone thinks. People who suffer from allergies, have learned to stay inside when pollen[…]

How to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh

The quickest things to spoil in most kitchens is fresh produce. Those fruits and vegetables that are so important for a balanced diet, may have a shelf life as short as a couple days. When you adopt a healthy lifestyle, it can be frustrating to see so much money end[…]

7 ways to make Key West home

Why one moves to Key West is generally pretty easy to explain. Weather, island mystique, job, military, lifestyle. You know the drill. But when an online reader asked me a couple weeks ago “How does one move to Key West,” I had no facile answer to speed back to him.[…]

Question is, how long will that food stay fresh?

There is an enormous amount of confusion when it comes to deciding what foods are OK to eat and what’s spoiled. We tend to throw away things that are still good and trash products with expiration labels we don’t understand. Save your money and quit filling up trash cans. Here’s[…]

Waste less food, you will save more money

One of the best things you can do for your health, is eat fresh food. Generally speaking, fresh fruits and vegetables are good for you. But highly processed and shelf stable things like snack bars or packaged dinners, aren’t so good. The problem is, Americans throw out a lot of[…]