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Here’s how food and exercise can help prevent cancer

Over the last 20 years, there have been numerous breakthroughs in the treatment of cancer. Patients are living longer, with better quality lives than ever before. What we haven’t seen, is a decrease in the number of people diagnosed with cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, “In 2018, an[…]

Why did you park in front of my gate?

Few things are less important nor more irritating than coming home from Fausto’s and finding a shiny, super-sized pickup truck with raised suspension, a crew cab, extended bed and oversized tires parked smack in front of my gate. Or a mini-beater on its last hurrah for that matter. Or a[…]

Six Evening Things to Keep Your Weight Loss on Track Weight Loss Tips Before You go to Bed Evening Activities to Keep Weight Loss on Track Prep for Weight Loss the Night Before

When the alarm goes off in the morning, you’re faced with a series of tasks and decisions. What are you going to wear, what are you going to eat and how will you deal with the rest of the day? You might feel like you’ve got an endless well of[…]

Time to apply brakes on e-bikes

Someone’s gonna get killed. You hear that a lot around Key West. Always have — from the first time a horseless carriage came cheek-by-jowl with, well, a real horse on Duval. Old tech, new tech rarely play nicely, especially in the first blush of getting to know each other. Which[…]

Here are 4 myths and misconceptions about eating meat

There are many myths and misconceptions about eating meat. Is it good or bad for you? What’s important when considering the meat that goes on your plate? Here are four of the more common questionable things I hear. “Our bodies can’t digest meat properly, it ‘rots’ in our colon.” False.[…]

Meet your neighbor

You’re probably not much excited about Census 2020. Census 2020 begins Jan. 21 — the “big day” is April 1 (I know, an unfortunate juxtaposition) — and winds up toward the end of the year. For all its flaws and controversies, the census, our once-a-decade national counting, benchmarks the demographics[…]

Here are 3 steps for successful weight loss in the new year

Millions of people make resolutions to lose a little weight and live a healthier life. If you’re one of those people, here’s some advice to help you make your journey a little more successful. Three things everyone should know about weight loss, but most don’t. First, whatever weight loss program[…]

Reasons why we live here

Whether one arrived 50 years ago or yesterday, two kinds of people live in Key West. Those who love it, warts and all. And those who hate it and plot every day to get off the island. Unlike a lot of places one might live, learning to love this island[…]

Sticking to your workout schedule during holiday season

There are plenty of temptations to skip a workout during the holiday season. Ironically, this is the time of year you may need the movement most. Here’s how you can stay focused on fitness throughout the holly jolly season: Rise and Shine Consider creating the habit of working out first[…]

Important to know now? How to work out in a packed gym

More people join gyms and start working out in January than any other month of the year. That means your local gym is going to be a much busier than usual when the new year rolls around. That can be a problem if you’re just starting a workout program, because[…]