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Health Notes

HIV TESTING — KEY WEST • Gordon Rollins Center, 1434 Kennedy Drive, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., appointments are strongly urged. 305-296-6196. • Florida Department of Health in Monroe County, Gato Building, 1100 Simonton St., walk-in Monday and Wednesday, from 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 3 p.m. 305-809-5664 or[…]

Help yourself and the planet by plogging — picking up trash

In honor of Earth Day this year, you might consider combining fitness with a little environmental involvement. There’s an activity many people have always done, but now there’s a name for it. Plogging; picking up trash while jogging.  The word originated with the Swedish words plocka, which means “to pick” and jogga, which means “jog.”[…]

Here’s how a new exercise program can cause weight gain

When most people begin an exercise program, something unusual happens; they put on a few extra pounds. It can be disturbing, especially since the goal for many exercisers is to lose weight. Doesn’t exercise burn calories?  The simple answer behind the initial gain is water. When you workout, you sweat. Sweating makes you thirsty, which[…]

Here are ways to avoid injury while lifting weights

When most people start working out, they focus on all the benefits it provides. Exercise builds stronger bodies, can reduce fat and helps people live longer. But there are exceptions. When fitness programs are poorly designed, pursued too aggressively or attempted without proper form, injuries result. Fortunately you can reduce the risk of injuries, if[…]

Don’t waste your money on these ‘healthy’ products

After nearly two decades in the fitness business, I’m still amazed at the number of questionable and dangerous products people buy. Items that have a healthy shine, but when you scratch the surface you find they provide no benefit to anyone, except the companies selling them. Here are two products you should probably avoid.  Raw[…]

Here are five smart snacking tips to help avoid binging

Snacks are a good way to lose weight and they’re partially responsible for America’s growing obesity problem. Confused? To understand this contradiction, you need to know a historical trend.  Americans are eating about one-third more calories than they did 30 years ago. Researchers found the single biggest increase is from the number of snacks people[…]

Two techniques to lift heavier and break records

Whenever I finish a workout, I have a training app that pops up on my phone and lets me know if I’ve accomplished any personal bests. That’s where I’ve broken my previous record doing a particular exercise. I’ve been working out for several decades, so personal bests don’t happen that often anymore. Fortunately, as we[…]

Try these structural changes for permanent weight loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re probably doing it wrong. The way most Americans have structured their lives, creates an environment where weight gain is almost inevitable. Traditional diets tend to tinker around the edges. They may help for awhile, but most are doomed to fail because they don’t deal with the fundamental problems[…]