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What cleaning surcharges say about our business

Some businesses have started adding a “cleaning surcharge” onto their bills. They claim all the extra cleaning that’s required to protect customers from COVID-19 has dramatically raised costs. Let’s explore that. What were those businesses doing before the pandemic to protect their customers from disease? How did they clean their[…]

Can supplements boost your immune system?

The next time you think about buying an “immunity boosting” supplement, consider this: If they worked the way many are being marketed, it would be disastrous for your health. There are three important reasons why. Your immune system isn’t a single thing. It’s a complex system made up of cells,[…]

Kombucha tea: Health potion or poison?

Tea is one of those drinks that makes it on nearly every list of healthy beverages. Traditional black tea made from the leaf of the Camellia sinensis plant has caffeine to wake you up. Herbal teas made from the leaves or flowers of other plants can calm you down. Some[…]

Sleep and health: How the lack of sleep is hurting us

Sleep is one of the things people often ignore when trying to lose weight or get in shape. Somehow it’s become a mark of honor to brag about how little sleep we can get by with. The problem is, that lack of sleep is hurting us in more ways than[…]

Are random workouts better than a planned program?

Muscle confusion is a phrase that’s been thrown around by fitness professionals for years. It came to most people’s attention around 2005, with a workout program called P90X or Power 90 Extreme. The marketing pitch was simple. Keep changing your workout program so your muscles don’t know what’s coming. By[…]

Know the facts about wearing masks in public

In the age of COVID-19, many businesses are requiring that their customers wear masks. The pushback against this rule has been extraordinary. Some places in the country have been very cooperative, while others are up in arms about the restriction. I would prefer to allow customers to visit my business[…]

6 diet, fitness breakthroughs

Last week I shared three critically important things researchers uncovered since the year 2000 that have changed how we help our clients. The dangers of unregulated multivitamins, supplements and the appropriate time to include stretches in your workout. This week I’d like to share three more game-changing research breakthroughs. No.[…]

6 diet, fitness breakthroughs

Things have changed dramatically during the last 20 years. Smartphones, the internet everywhere and medical breakthroughs have revolutionized our lives. We have access to more information than at any other time in human history. There’s so much data out there, it’s become difficult to sort through it all. Billion-dollar companies[…]