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Muscle memory is real, and this is how it works

For decades, trainers have repeated the phrase, “Use it or lose it.” When you stop exercising, your muscles shrink. The longer you skip working out, the more your muscles atrophy. At the same time, trainers also have noticed that building muscle back, seemed to be a lot easier for a select few of our clients.[…]

Are you thinking of trying the ‘Keto Diet’?

The “Keto Diet” is an extremely high-fat, ultra low-carbohydrate diet. It reached a wide audience first in the 1920s and 1930s. The original reason the diet became popular, was its ability to reduce the number and severity of seizures suffered by epileptics. Although doctors don’t really know why it works, several studies show a 50[…]

Promotion tactics of successful diets

If you’ve ever been on a diet, or tried to lose weight, this column is for you. Over the last 20 years of helping people get in shape, I’ve noticed a trend. Diets come in and out of favor, but the writers and promoters of the most successful ones, tend to follow very similar paths.[…]

The effects of weight training as we age

When people talk about exercise, they tend to group exercise types by their benefits. For example, running, cycling, swimming and other aerobic type activities are called cardiovascular (cardio) workouts, and they’re known to provide significant benefits for the heart. Weight training or resistance workouts are known to build muscle and help slow the effects of[…]

Three ways people sabotage their success

A big part of my job as a personal trainer is helping you make connections. For example, that pain in your knee may be caused by a problem that originates in your hip. Your overeating may be linked to your feelings of self worth. Once I’ve helped you become aware of how things interact, you[…]

Foods that sound healthy – but they’re not

Editor’s note: Second of two parts. Veggie chips started appearing in the produce section of my supermarket about a year ago. With names like “The Better Chip” and flavors such as spinach and kale, you’d think they’re a healthy alternative to regular potato chips — but you’d be wrong. A serving of the spinach and[…]

Foods that sound healthy – but they’re not

Editor’s note: First of two parts. Eating healthy isn’t as easy as it might seem. Food companies have mastered the art of packaging poor choices and making them appear good for you. Here are several products stuffed with excess fat, sugar, calories and questionable ingredients, that you’re better off avoiding. Granola has been called, “a[…]

Reduce stress and anxiety with progressive muscle relaxation

Americans carry around a lot of tension. In order to capture and keep our attention, we’re bombarded with texts, emails and alerts from news and social media companies. Those constant interruptions keep us in a heightened state of anxiety. Unplugging and stepping away from all your “stuff”, even for a few minutes a day, can[…]

Additional fitness acronyms explained

Starting a workout program is tough enough, you shouldn’t have to struggle with figuring out what people are saying. In an update to my Gym Slang article last year, here are a few more common acronyms people use when working out. AMRAP means As Many Reps As Possible. You set a timer, then complete a[…]