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Your home says who you are

Every now and then I have the misguided idea that joining a writer’s group will be stimulating, or, at least will introduce me to like-minded people. I’ve sat through an excruciating hour or two listening to really bad essays about the writer’s inner conflicts or searching for truths in the[…]

Inky hues of deep blue saturate home decor

In fashion, it’s replaced black as the new dress-up color. And it’s riding a wave of popularity into home decor, too. What’s the buzz about? The color blue. And while all blues, from baby to sky, are popular, it’s the deep, inky ones that are exciting home decorators. “Navy is[…]

Non-profit lets you borrow household items, too

Amanda Blum enjoys trying new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen, but like many home cooks she’s reluctant to buy expensive and bulky kitchen appliances. So she was delighted to learn about Kitchen Share, a nonprofit near her home in Portland, Oregon, that loans out kitchen equipment. Bloom, who likes[…]

Terracotta makes a color comeback in the decor spotlight

There was a time not that long ago when designers were tearing out anything terracotta-colored, whether it was tile, painted walls or upholstered furniture. A darling hue of the ‘80s, the brownish orange — evocative of terracotta earthenware — was considered dowdy and done. But like so many examples of[…]

Recalling nostalgia

There’s no place like a yard sale for finding things that evoke a feeling of nostalgia. Maybe this is because most of us hold onto things, especially those from our childhood, or inherited from past generations. For example, who can throw away old photo albums even though we can’t make[…]

Owners elevate Eagle Avenue house ahead of new flood maps

It used to be a rather undistinguished place, sitting on a slab, but now the house at 3624 Eagle Ave. is being rebuilt as an elevated structure with storage underneath. The contractors, Jay’s Builders (Jay Kozel and partner David Vorlicek), added about 4 extra feet of elevation beyond what was[…]

Suggestions on how to choose the right rug for the room

A warm, cozy rug can make a room look and feel more appealing on even the chilliest fall night. And the right rug can be a source of comfort year-round. “They’re also great in the summer, if you think about it, because your shoes are off, you’re in your shorts,[…]

No waiting for procrastination

Procrastination is a common human experience involving delay in everyday chores, or meeting a deadline, even though we know the results could result in harmful effects. For my entire adult life I have been writing columns, magazine articles and books about lifestyles and what we do to make our homes[…]

Fall décor’s style song: feel-good vibes and personality

For keen serial redecorators, it’s time to start thinking about an autumn refresh. This fall, interior designers say there’s demand for eclectic styles, interesting prints, rich hues and warm textures. STYLE SENSE The trim, tailored lines of midcentury decor have been ensconced in the home furnishings marketplace for several years[…]

Playroom for kids decor needs creativity and functionality

Go bold. Stay practical. Think long-term. These are among the tips offered by interior decorators for creating a fresh, fun — even inspiring — playroom for kids. FOSTER CREATIVITY “I love bold choices in a playroom,” says Mel Bean, a designer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In one client’s theater room, for[…]