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You got the new house! Now, how do you afford to furnish it?

Congrats on saving up for that down payment! And hats off for committing to mortgage payments, homeowners insurance and property taxes. Now for your reward: home sweet, sparsely furnished home. Furniture shopping may be the last thing you want to do, but it may be necessary if you moved into a bigger space or parted[…]

Getting the dumb out

The other night I was watching “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” He does a skit, “Man on the Street” where they ask random people a seemingly easy question. In this one, the person from the show was standing under a large street clock with Roman numerals. As he stopped a variety of people of different ages, he[…]

What to do to get your grill ready for summer

There are die-hard grillers who don’t see why a little cold or sleet should stand between them and a juicy grilled steak. The rest of us in colder climes throw a cover over our grills for the winter and wheel them into a garage or storage spot, wheeling them out months later as the mercury[…]

Harris home highlights open-air Key West lifestyle

Kit and Valerie Smith met at Rick’s where Valerie was working just three days after moving to Key West, June 1 of 1991 (Kit arrived here exactly four years earlier on June 1, 1986) and they went on their first date two-and-a-half weeks later. Kit, from Georgia and already disillusioned by Key West women, was[…]

Bathroom hardware makes a stylish splash

Step in the bathroom, turn on the tap. Step in the shower, turn on the faucet. Just mundane parts of the daily routine, right? Yet for bathware designers, they’re anything but. These creative minds dive deep into what they call “the water delivery experience,” and once you’ve experimented with some of their creations, you’ll probably[…]

Museums laud design inspired by, committed to nature

The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York and the Cube design museum in Kerkrade, Netherlands, have joined forces in “Nature,” a blockbuster show devoted to cutting-edge designs both inspired by nature and entwined in nature, with a focus on sustainability. The show is sobering, at times humorous, sometimes heart-breaking (an extinct rhino that[…]

The visual base for any room starts with flooring

A stunning sofa or a beautiful wall color might catch your eye when you enter someone’s home. But flooring is the key to any room, says interior designer Elina Cardet. As the visual base for every other design choice, “flooring is the most important decision,” says Cardet, interior design director at Perkins and Will’s Miami[…]

Mid-century rethought house is quite a delight

Nancy Romain looks out into her front courtyard mostly remembering the people, rather than their gifts of plants, now either in the ground or in pots; one friend has passed away while others have moved away. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom cement block home, built in 1964, which she shares with her husband, Randy Pekarik, is full[…]

Serious decor with a fun, playful edge is all the rage

Dorothy Draper once said of her decorating projects, “I always put in one controversial item. It makes people talk.” The influential Manhattan interior decorator was known for her exuberant use of color and pattern, such as bold, black-and-white checkerboard, hot pink and crimson, lime green and blue. In her hands, stuffy chintz became flirty and[…]

A small but social spot: trends in front-porch decorating

Back in the days before TV and air conditioning lured people indoors, Americans often hung out on front porches, enjoying the fresh air and socializing with neighbors. In later decades, when they wanted to relax outside, people tended to do it in the backyard, away from noise and traffic. But according to the National Association[…]