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Keys Homes

Old Island Restoration Foundation’s February Home Tour

The common thread among the five featured houses on Old Island Restoration Foundation’s Feb. 15-16 home tour is that they have virtually nothing in common. Nothing. But then, diversity is the hallmark of OIRFs invitation to homeowners on this 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. event — the carefully selected properties offer tour-goers a wealthy range[…]

Dark walls are making a quiet comeback

There was a time when black walls were mostly the purview of goth teens and indie movie theaters. But the color has been quietly cultivating a broader following among designers and homeowners who want a cozy, enveloping ambiance that’s still got theatrical flair. Bedrooms, libraries and bathrooms clad in inky or charcoal tones can be[…]

Scene-setting home fragrance names spark emotions

The home-fragrance market has long been dominated by relatively simple iterations of popular aromas: vanilla, cinnamon, evergreen and citrus scents. But that marketplace of diffusers, candles and room sprays is full of fun, evocative names to distinguish the scents — names meant to pique our imaginations and bring home not just a sense of smell[…]

Houses hidden in plain sight on January trek

On Friday and Saturday, Jan. 18-19, jump aboard the Conch Tour Train to find the five private houses featured on Old Island Restoration Foundation’s January house tour. Walking through Old Town is always an option, of course, but this 3 to 6 p.m. specially arranged transportation ensures that you find these awesome properties because, well,[…]

Comfort at home is on trend for decor in 2019

What trends will dominate home decorating in 2019? When we asked interior designers about the colors, fabrics and styles likely to be popular this year, one message came through loud and clear: People are seeking comfort at home. But rather than casual, farmhouse-style comfort, these designers are seeing a trend toward a sophisticated, elegant comfort[…]

Childhood Pine Street home holds history close, dear

The house at 1309 Pine St. is where Lenora Lopez, “The Princess of Pine Street,” was born in 1924 and where she still lives. She was the daughter of Marguerite Ayala Lopez and Comal Lopez. Three houses in a row, including 1309, were built about 1906 by her mother’s uncle, Alfred Atchison, aka “Bubba Smart,”[…]

A green Christmas from Whitehead to White streets

The annual holiday house tour in tropical Key West is never white, as Christmas lights and red ribbons celebrate the season in homes from Whitehead to White Streets. This year, the five private homes on display for Old Island Restoration Foundation’s 59th annual house tour on Friday and Saturday, Dec. 28-29 — the first in[…]