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Keys Homes

What says ‘modern’ now in decor? Some trends for spring 2019

As the weather improves and our winter hibernation ends, the urge to refresh and renew a room or two often follows. It may be as simple as adding a few new decorative items or changing a worn-out piece of furniture. Or maybe it’s something a little more ambitious, like a new room layout or color[…]

Re-imagined office and residence has quite a history

The Pouliots own One Call Construction at the corner of 1st Street and Flagler Avenue, and live upstairs in the re-imagined space. The property won a Ceramic Star in 2012 from the Historic Florida Keys Foundation, was awarded a Business for Beauty Award by the Key West Chamber of Commerce and was only one of[…]

What will kitchens of the future look like?

Today’s home kitchen doesn’t look anything like it did a century ago. But for the most part, it doesn’t look a lot different than 50 years ago. Appliances are sleeker, materials are better, color palettes are broader. But the room is still the hard-working heart of the home. So what might the kitchen of the[…]

Kitchen islands have evolved to meet today’s needs

Prep surface. Gathering spot. Storage solution. The kitchen island is one of those home elements that seems to have known its purpose from its inception: a utilitarian divider between kitchen and family zones, the heart of the home. Over the years, the kitchen island has come to offer far more than counter space. It might[…]

Owner applies experience to Duck Avenue renovations

Paul Mead works on his Duck Avenue house while also working three jobs, including two self-employment gigs as both a home inspector (Key West Home Inspections) and progressive inspector (done for owners, banks and others), as well as a public adjustor (for insurance claims) for Stellar. Though his father said to “never pitch a tent[…]

ORIF’s March home tour takes time to savor stunning houses

Old Island Restoration Foundation’s last home tour for 2019 — Friday and Saturday, March 15-16 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. — pairs art and architecture as perfectly as Champagne and caviar. Mostly concentrated in the Casa Marina District, it may take both days to savor the museum-like art and décor; to visually take in[…]

Winners of annual Ceramic Stars, Certificates of Excellence

The Preservation Awards program is sponsored by the Historic Florida Keys Foundation, which holds its event every year in early March to honor owners, architects, craftspeople and others responsible for exemplary property preservation efforts. This year’s 38th annual event, on the evening of March 2, hosted by HFKF president Melissa Kendrick and held at the[…]