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Letters To The Editor

Please get involved in IWFFA

This summer I, representing the International Women’s Flag Football Association (IWFFA), traveled to India for flag football training. There, a group of women from Afghanistan joined the Indian women to learn how to play, coach and officiate flag football. Today, the Indian and Afghanistan women are coaching girls flag football in their countries and two[…]

Keep affordable housing in the populated areas

Dear Editor: Thank you for the fine coverage by Tim O’Hara in his 10-1-18 article “Gap in Housing Density Grows”. It’s so important for the public to be informed. We all need to work together to make sure we replace workforce housing lost to Hurricane Irma. The Board of County Commissioners is thinking about Goal[…]

Parking in Key West

Parking in Key West is certainly a consistent challenge, especially for residents who need to conduct business. It becomes more than just an inconvenience. Residents of Stock Island, which has a Key West mailing address, vote in Key West elections and support businesses in Key West, are being penalized from being able to buy a[…]

A search for solutions

Before the entirety of the KWAR Realtors think I was somehow blaming them — realize that this was a request for help. We were at the TDC meeting where the Monroe County Tax Collector’s Office and Code Enforcement were speakers. This was an update on how these agencies are working with the TDC to help[…]

Refutes allegations against Realtors on rental restrictions

On behalf of the Key West Association of Realtors membership and in response to Jodi Weinhoeffer’s allegations that local Realtors are not educating their buyers on rental restrictions, I respectfully contend that Realtors are providing full disclosure of a property’s rental restrictions. Disclosure begins at the time of listing a property and continues through to[…]

Appreciates newspaper’s assistance in Irma recovery

As we mark the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Irma’s destructive landfall in the Florida Keys, we want to take the time to thank everyone at The Key West Citizen who helped with coverage of UWFK and our nonprofit partners’ relief work. Your efforts have helped thousands of Keys residents learn about the critical services available[…]

Address the problem of herbicides, poison

According to the Audubon Society, 80 million pounds of poison pesticides, which kill both good insects (butterflies, bees, pollinators) and those we deem bad, are used on U.S. lawns annually. And what about our weeds? We use more poison, in the form of herbicides. It has been three years since the World Health Organization classified[…]

Support tax scholarship program

The 2018 Florida legislative session passed and signed into law a new House bill (HB) that allows any tenant who pays a rental or licensee fee that is subject to a business rent tax to make a voluntary donation to a nonprofit scholarship-funding organization (SFO), which then places that voluntary donation into a scholarship fund[…]

Spread Key West tolerance

It was 1979 and I find myself standing in the checkout lane at Fausto’s with a cart full of food for a five-day fishing trip to the Tortugas. Clearly visible are two whole chickens, several batches of collard greens, a case of Busch beer and a watermelon. An older black lady behind me is eying[…]

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