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Letters To The Editor

Support for mermaid concept could benefit reefs, ocean

Writing as a private citizen and not as a member of the Truman Waterfront Advisory Board: The proposed sea theme of a beautiful and classy, bronze mermaid sculpture at Truman Waterfront Park would serve not only to give the park an inspiring, interesting and fun, iconic finishing touch, but also[…]

Consider other options for school bus parking plan

At their end of their work day, drivers bring Key West school buses to the Trumbo Road parking lot, so they can have a wonderful view of sunset. Trying to vacate the Trumbo property to make room for new workforce housing, the School Board decided to buy property on Stock[…]

Use Stock Island property for workforce housing

The Greater Key West Chamber of Commerce urges the Monroe County School District Board to consider the prospect of utilizing the property on 5th Street and 3rd Avenue in Stock Island as a potential site for workforce housing. The space isn’t ideal for rotating large buses in and out and[…]

County’s real problem isn’t just salary study

After spending $123,000, does Monroe County’s salary study address the real problem? This study confirms county employees like where they work. Employees say benefits are “very competitive with their peers,” and the “team environment positively influences their commitment to remain employed with the county.” Employees feel the cost of housing[…]

The Key West Citizen

I have personally been involved or seen several salary studies while serving on the City Commission or employed with Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority and City Electric System. I made a public records request for the county’s Evergreen salary study, and when I started to read it and got to page[…]

Preserve the Florida Keys

Our state and county governments, in concert with a steady stream of avaricious developers and twisted administrative overseers, have reached a regrettable agreement that will deliver a deathblow to the fragile aquatic ecosystem upon which we’re dependent for life. The insidious doubletalk, deceptions and insanity, comprising the rationale chosen by[…]

The real danger of hurricanes

Your recent editorial does the population of the Florida Keys a terrible disservice. Instead of alerting us to the very real danger of hurricane evacuation in the face of a rapidly intensifying storm, you paint a rosy picture because we have dedicated public employees. Ken Graham, director of the National[…]

Little sign truck not the problem

I have, on several occasions, read with amusement comments in the Citizens Voice about a small six-wheel truck quietly driving around town innocuously delivering colorful messages to whomever might be looking. This truck could drive right past you, or you by it, without you noticing. This little truck does not[…]