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Letters To The Editor

Reject Oxitec testing in Keys

The Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board must reject the genetically engineered mosquito field trial proposal. This experimental technology has failed to reduce mosquito populations elsewhere in the world, and presents significant health and environmental risks. Oxitec has not been transparent about the data. Not only has it not had an[…]

Light shone on mental health

I just wanted to say thank you to Timothy O’Hara for your piece on the Poholek/Weisberger family, The Citizen June 20-21. Such a tragic turn of events that I’m sure many people would be quick to judge. Thank you for shining light on Daniel’s earlier childhood journey. I hope it[…]

Deploy words thoughtfully

Fear stunts our lives. It throws us into protection mode. We talk in hyperbole and get careless with our use of words. We accept actions we might otherwise scrutinize. The words “protest” and “riot” have very different meanings, but have recently been used interchangeably. The First Amendment protects our right[…]

#BeBlue expanding throughout Keys

Theresa Java’s recent article regarding the Republican flotilla caught my attention. The quote “… boaters [Republican] … are not fearful or embarrassed to share their point of view…” was especially resonant. Democrats, although more subtle, also have an initiative to share their point of view. The #BeBlue movement that originated[…]

What’s best for all?

It’s time for the landlords to reassess what’s best for them … and for Key West. It is reported that there are upward of 50 storefronts vacant on Duval Street and nearby blocks alone. It’s counter-productive for landlords to try to maintain the exorbitant rents they’ve been able to charge[…]

Virus numbers needed

In a recent editorial about the Keys response to the COVID-19 pandemic, you imagined two conflicting “perspectives” on removing the county’s checkpoint at Mile Marker 112.5: “desperate” local business owners and others who “fear” for their health. My immediate reaction was: What about the rest of us? I’m pretty sure[…]

Questions 300 ROGOs

There’s a steady stream of compelling scientific research and evidence that identifies in detail the deleterious and destructive impact that 900 additional ROGO building allocations will have upon the Florida Keys. Consulting with my attorney and a plethora of hurricane evacuation experts, I was collectively informed that in their opinion:[…]

Vote for safety

Recent surveys show that Key West citizens are concerned about the biggest cruise ships with the worst health, safety and environmental violations. The Committee for Safer, Cleaner Ships was formed and it filed referendums with the city to put three protective limits on cruise ships. Currently the federal Centers for[…]

Picking up the pieces

I understand that people want and need to get back to work just as I do. We all want things to be normal again. I have read with curiosity about the protests for an unbridled opening of our economy. I must question the motives of the protesters and their actual[…]

Key West as ‘Animal Farm’?

The cruise tourist haters invoke the One Human Family slogan to paint themselves as advocates for all people. However, like the corrupt ruling class in George Orwell’s classic, “Animal Farm,” these arbiters of what is best for Key West are self-appointed social police. They employ misinformation and falsehoods to portray[…]