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Letters To The Editor

Service appreciation brings tears

I read the Washington Post, New York Times, very depressing, but recently my husband and I were having breakfast at Camille’s in Key West. The nice couple sitting next to us noticed the Air Force cap next to Frank. We just smiled at each other, and when it was time to leave, the waitress said[…]

Passage of House Bill 33 can help save lives

Yesterday, eight people lost their lives. Eight sons, daughters, mothers and fathers were taken from their families and friends. Today, another eight were killed. Tomorrow, eight more.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, eight is the number of people who are killed each day in the U.S. due to distracted driving. Since[…]

Parkland: Violence carousel has gone around again

Parkland: Violence carousel has gone around again This time the violence involves Florida’s high school kids.  Parkland, Florida, kids are dead.  Teachers are dead. The killer is alive. We all want to know why this thing happened and we would prefer that there be one single, clear reason.  But, as a clinical psychologist, I can assure you that there[…]

Challenges statement in letter

A recent Letter to the Editor titled “Affordable Second Homes” stated: “Reliable information indicates that current affordable housing projects contain less than 15 percent Monroe County employees” This is a grossly inaccurate statement, and in conflict with reality. I am the president of the board for Habitat for Humanity of Key West and the Lower Florida[…]

Opposes changes to land regulations

Monroe County Commissioners, County Administrator Roman Gastesi and Planning Director Mayte Santamaria are on the verge of executing a plan that will end life as we know it in our beloved island homes, neighborhoods and communities.  My message to them is as follows: I’m at the Miami VA and unable to attend this important meeting.[…]

McGillis Classic had amazing stories

Our 27th Kelly McGillis Classic International Girls and Women’s Flag Football Championship is over and was filled with some amazing stories. I will share some highlights of the 18 teams and four divisions who competed. The journey to Key West was not easy for some. Twenty players and coaches from Cairo, Egypt flew 15 hours[…]

There can’t be affordable housing for all in Key West

When was the last time we had “affordable” housing in Key West? It certainly hasn’t been anytime in the past 25 years. From my own observations, it seems like the people who are complaining the loudest are split into two categories: the ones who have most recently arrived, and those with the lowest skill sets.[…]

Don’t lose TDC funding

Let me state right up front that, yes, I am in the tourist business and, by the way, quite proud of it. Many times our industry gets a bad rap from folks who moved here after tourism was established as the only way for us to make a living on this island. Many of them[…]

Community aids Silverliners

We want to thank the entire community of Key West for its very generous gifts of donations and contributions for our 2017 “Flight to The North Pole.” We could not have accommodated the extra children we had this year, due to the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, if it were not for the generous people and[…]

Citizens Voice and affordable housing

The person who suggested that people who can’t afford to live in the Keys should just move elsewhere clearly doesn’t understand the local economy. There are many professionals who support our community and are struggling to stay afloat here, with housing being the chief constraint. The suggestion that “wages will increase” because of market forces[…]

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