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Letters To The Editor

Let’s make a deal

Well done, Monroe County citizens. Goal 109 crashed and burned at a packed Monroe County Commission Goal 109 special meeting. We dodged a bullet on that one. High-density apartment complexes don’t belong in our rural neighborhoods. We need workforce housing… but where the work is. Here’s an idea: Marathon wants more ROGOs (building allocations) for[…]

KOTS isn’t going anywhere

I was having coffee at McDonalds and sitting in the next booth were 3 KOTS residents reading Timothy O’Hara’s article on the never ending county-city-sheriff talks of relocating the shelter. They said that the shelter just bought a brand new mobile shower for 50,000 dollars which wouldn’t have been bought if they felt a move[…]

A peaceful kingdom

Something simple but special happened in Key West last weekend. Duval Street was returned to the people in the form of the Duval Promenade pilot project. Instead of Duval Street being something Key Westers avoided, and instead of noxious motorcycle noise, automotive pollution and packed sidewalks – neighbors greeted neighbors in the open space, friendly[…]

Appreciate county’s stance on Goal 109

On behalf of the Sugarloaf Shores Property Owners Association, I would like to thank all of you [County Commissioners], and especially county planning staff, for all the hard work you put into the Goal 109 workforce housing proposals. We certainly agree with your comments at the end of Tuesday’s meeting that much work still needs[…]

Let the facts speak for themselves

In your February 5 article, “Cosmetic shop owners, managers speak out,” two cosmetic store owners profess complete innocence to ripping off customers, apparently with a straight face. The owner of 119 and 211 Duval claims his stores have never done anything wrong. “When the Rip Off Team picketed my shop for a day or two,”[…]

Let freedom ring

Most of our County Commissioners have affirmatively responded to the wishes of their constituents. During Tuesday’s commission meeting, they accurately identified and summarily dismissed Goal 109 as a destructive and deceptive Trojan Horse. After acquainting themselves with the alarming details contained within this problematic initiative, 4 out of 5 commissioners voted with the courage of[…]

Kelly McGillis’ IWFFA a success

The 28th Kelly McGillis Classic International Women & Girls Flag Football Championships took place and it was fantastic! We had our local girls from the Key West to Key Largo, teams and players from India, Egypt, Pakistan, Sweden, across USA which made each division more exciting as each team competed hard to bring the honors[…]

Response to recent guest editorial

I am writing in response to Rob Skrob’s recent guest editorial, condescendingly schooling Monroe County residents on the theory of tourism fueling our economy. He took the time out from writing very important books, which include “The Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing,” to give us the lowdown: Our county relies on tourism to[…]

Keeping our kids in Keys

I read with great interest the editorial first run in the Key West Citizen and now in today’s Free Press. I am not a product of the Keys, but I am a South Florida native and take great pride in being a Keys resident for the past 22 years and counting. My husband and I[…]

Hate as a defense of predatory behavior

Key West is a wonderfully open and tolerant community that explicitly believes in “One Human Family” and in free speech. But a small number of (allegedly non-Key West) people who own or operate a few cosmetic shops have: fraudulently preyed on vulnerable Key West guests (for huge amounts of money), aggressively harassed and bullied KW[…]

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