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Letters To The Editor

Remember D-Day participants

Between 1941 and 1945, Key West, just like every other community in the United States, watched as its sons left home to defend freedom, liberate horrifying concentration camps and put an end to the conflict that left much of Western Europe in physical and economic ruin. It was through their bravery, sacrifice and youthful vigor[…]

Questions enforcement of liveaboards

I am concerned about recent code enforcement actions along the South Roosevelt seawall that are making it difficult for people to get to work and inconsistent with the need for affordable housing in Key West. Living on a boat in Cow Key Channel is legal, affordable housing for tradesmen, bartenders, nurses, retirees and others. These[…]

The solution to pollution

We have been told that the “solution to pollution is dilution.” We disagree. We believe the solution to pollution is stopping pollution! This was the basic premise that prompted us to ask the City of Key West to ensure that Mount Trashmore (the Key West Landfill) is safe and not contaminating our near-shore waters as[…]

What is affordable housing?

There’s a development taking place to create “workforce housing” where workforce housing already existed. It doesn’t get any cheaper to own your own trailer and pay rent for the small plot of concrete where the trailer sits. It’s a compressed, tight area with little room between the next trailer, yet for the families and workers[…]

Questions transient rental

I find it interesting that Monroe County should express so much concern about the State of Florida taking over authority for the administration and policing of “transient rentals.” This on the heels of The Citizen reporting on a Canadian company operating floating rentals that are neither boats or illegitimate rentals in compliance with the law.[…]

‘Quality of Life’ in Key West, Monroe

Key West and Monroe County, Mayor and Commissioners, let’s talk a little about the quality of life of your residents in the city and county. I will start by saying it is deplorable and embarrassing to have to live with the amount of vehicles, people, cruise ships and more people. The amount of hotel rooms[…]

When is enough enough?

The Florida Keys exceeded any reasonable definition of carrying capacity years ago. Our reefs are all but dead — kept alive on life support (coral restoration) — the once crystal clear blue waters are now a putrid algal green (some call it “emerald green” for marketing reasons) — fish are smaller and fewer (classic sign[…]

Foundation thanks volunteers

In honor of National Volunteer Month, Florida Keys History and Discovery Foundation, a non-profit organization, would like to thank our more than 40 volunteers who dedicate their time to serve as greeters, docents and committee members at the Keys History and Discovery Center. As the only bricks-and-mortar museum in the Upper Keys dedicated to preserving[…]

Appalled by T-shirts on Duval Street

My wife and recently visited Key West for the first time after many years of anticipation. Maybe we were naive to think it would resemble the past when “Last Flight Out” was in vogue. Instead, I was shocked by the variety of openly vulgar T-shirts on display flagrantly displaying the F-word and underwear for sale[…]

An expression of truth

We all use expressions, in phrase and facially, to convey our thoughts and feelings. Most verbal expressions help the listener grasp the idea — usually the one intended but occasionally the exact opposite. The most obvious examples of the latter are “To tell you the truth” and “To be honest with you.” When a salesman[…]

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