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Letters To The Editor

Objections to proposed use of power plant facility

I am writing on behalf of Key West Art & Historical Society (the “Society”) to inform you [Key West mayor and city commissioners] of concerns expressed, and a recommendation adopted, by vote of the Society’s Board of Directors*, regarding the resolution identified as Item 30** on the City Commission’s Aug. 7, 2018 agenda. First, our[…]

Plastic straws aren’t the problem

Hanging around this world for over 79 years makes one a little cynical when it comes to the latest “trend” in our society. For example, almost every city, county, village, hamlet, etc. seems to be in the “Ban the Plastic Straws!” bandwagon. Somehow, plastic straws have become enemy number one against our environment so municipalities[…]

Campaign signs on right-of-way

Should we vote into public office someone who blatantly ignores the law by allowing their campaign signs to display on the public right-of-way? Everyone running for elected office in Key West receives an information packet from the Supervisor of Elections regarding campaign rules. This information specifically says that political campaign signs are forbidden on the[…]

Look of Lower Keys has changed

The year is 1936 and I am driving up the Keys from Key West — there is no traffic. As I cross one of the bridges an old Pontiac is driving slowly with an outrigger protruding out of the passenger side window trolling across the bridge. Soon there is a strike and the driver stops[…]

Finding common ground

Much has been said about today’s politics causing the separation of Americans from each other, and that polarization and the loss of courtesy have taken a toll locally and nationally. Most of the divisiveness has been caused by us, but some has been exacerbated by a foreign adversary. Democracy requires vigorous debate in order to[…]

Thank you Key West, for the hospitality

My husband and I recently had a fabulous time in Key West. We did everything tourists are suppose to do. We ate, had tours, bought souvenirs and rode the informative trolley. We were having a blast.  We got off the trolley at the Southernmost Trolley Stop store, got some water in the store and then[…]

City of Key West not like it used to be

We have been coming to Key West at least once a year for 26 years and have a treasure trove of memories and stories.  I read in a recent edition of The Citizen that the City Commission vote regarding the parking in the 100 block of Simonton Streets ends up as pretty much status quo.[…]

Appreciates paper’s local coverage

I just wanted to send this note in support of your position on maintaining local information sources based upon first-hand observation and interaction with fellow citizens on this island. I first moved to Key West in 2011 and read The Citizen regularly as a great source of information on the subtleties of island life and[…]

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