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Letters To The Editor

Treatment unfair to all

To the editor: Key West: Come as you are!…but have “your papers” on your person at all times. In June of last year, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Dept detained two Spanish speaking teenagers for speaking Spanish. They were later released because, apparently, speaking Spanish in the United States of America is not illegal. You know,[…]

Thank you, Key West

I feel like I constantly repeat myself when saying this, but I think this is the most amazing small town in the country! The next day after Hurricane Michael hit the Panhandle, I sat at my desk the next morning and it was all over Facebook. I instantly thought of the countless trucks that were[…]

Response team targets shops

Cosmetic shops in Key West have a well-known reputation for verbally harassing pedestrians, using high-pressure sales tactics and taking advantage of seniors, especially women. These cosmetic shops give Key West and Duval Street a bad reputation among tourists, and local residents are fed up with constantly being solicited and frequently berated by their employees. Here[…]

Help conservation with your vote

With 1,000 people moving into Florida each day, it is more important now than ever to protect the state’s most significant environmentally sensitive areas by holding them in the public trust for future generations. There’s an easy solution: implement the intent of the 2014 Water and Land Conservation Amendment. Every year our representatives in Tallahassee[…]

Children’s Day was best Fantasy Fest event

Now that Fantasy Fest is over, I have to say the best event was Children’s Day. Bayview Park was turned into an amusement park. Local organizations had the opportunity to run a booth, operate a ride, sell their goods, raffle tickets or barbeque food in order to raise money. There were some great performances by[…]

‘We all own Wisteria Island’

Please do not take the assault on the beach on Wisteria Island lightly. It is only late October… The future of this resource is up to we citizens of Key West and our country to dictate. Thanks to countless hours of of research, it has been determined that the title to Wisteria island is flawed,[…]

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