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Letters To The Editor

Florida Keys community makes a difference for those impacted by the government shutdown

On behalf of the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard and Joint Interagency Task Force South, my heartfelt appreciation goes out to the Florida Keys communities for their support of our workforce and families during the recent government shutdown. Your very generous efforts helped alleviate the financial strains many faced during the five[…]

Concerns about perceived bias

County Commissioner Heather Carruthers recently sent responses to e-mails opposing Goal 109’s high-density increases in island communities. “I would support restricting the Goal 109 applications to just Stock Island and parcels adjacent to our main artery, US1,” she wrote. Interestingly, four of these parcels are in the Lower Keys targeted for Goal 109 high-density housing,[…]

Retirement will leave a void

Monroe County Veterans Affairs Service Officer Gary E. Johnson served his fellow veterans and community beyond the call of duty. His across- the- board effort to meet the needs of veterans and their families knew no limits. He devoted his personal time in many instances to insure the safety and well-being of those men and[…]

LKMC’s new administration is making a difference  

O.K. I get it. The new hospital isn’t the old hospital. After “many” necessary visits for tests and surgery recently, I was happy to learn the new administration is clearly making a big difference. In the past, it seemed impossible to communicate with upper management. In one man’s opinion, the patient advocates were, to be[…]

AIDS help clinic will be a benefit

The HIV story of Jan 8 certainly was concerning to all of us who care deeply about AIDS patients and their caregivers. Key West’s history in compassionate care for anyone who needed it and continuing today where the emphasis is on prevention and high quality care for those who are positive for HIV is well[…]

IWFFA introduces girls to athletics

I would like to take a moment of your time to inform the public about the International Women’s Flag Football Association. This organization is helping girls and women all over the world. The costs associated with sports have increased throughout the years and it has edged out many children. Low-income families are unable to sign[…]

Wonderful to see Wounded Warriors support

Wounded Warrior cyclists were warmly received by an exuberant crowd of well-wishers and grateful students in front of Coral Shores High School during the first rest stop of their trek through the Florida Keys. Coral Shores Principal Blake Fry and Principal Lisa Taylor from the new Plantation Key School, with the aid of their awesome[…]

Democracy in action

In small New England towns in the late 18th century, the first Americans created an experimental form of direct participative democracy. Local residents gathered in village centers to discuss issues, question their elected mayor and decide what actions to take. Something similar took place in Key West on Saturday. The local ACLU chapter, under the[…]

Duval Loop issues

Since the cowardly Duval Loop troll refuses to write a Letter to the Editor — because of his obvious economic interest in there not being a Loop — let’s counter the pure anonymous fiction being spewed at us daily in the Citizens’ Voice with some actual facts. First, the Loop is funded completely out of[…]

Cudjoe tower objections

The proposed 950-foot tower for Cudjoe Key will be visible from miles and miles away, adjacent to the Florida Keys Heritage Trail. It will be an eyesore, and its public benefit does not outweigh the negative. I would like to echo a speaker’s comment at the BOCC meeting on Nov. 20: “Stop the pain here[…]

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