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Expedience versus perfection

My late husband and I always joked about how I was all about getting a job done, even if the result wasn’t perfect. He, on the other hand, was all about doing a job the right way or not at all. An example: I make and sell little wooden decoupage[…]

A guide to buying and maintaining wicker furniture

About two years ago, I purchased four wicker chairs in perfect condition at a giant yard sale. They were small and delicate with a tight weave with a white, painted finish. I spray-painted them gray to blend in with my deck. The paint easily covered the original white. Last week[…]

What is a home?

I’ve lived most of my life on Nantucket Island, not the one known as a playground for the rich and famous, but the one that is a real community of hardworking, year-round residents who know what it’s like to hunker down in a winter snowstorm when the wind blows ferociously[…]