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Leslie Linsley - Citizen Columnist

What’s in a name?

The following is adapted from a previous column I wrote several years ago. Some of you may remember it. The other day I was thinking about the many houses we rented over the years in Key West and could remember about 24 in 30 years. Each one was completely different,[…]

The minutia of bookcases reveals a lot

Like the rest of us, all the reporters currently appearing on TV are working from home. I have my favorite reporters, celebrity hosts and interviewers. Not only do I listen to what they’re saying, I’m also checking out hair, makeup, clothing, jewelry and the décor in their homes. It seems[…]

Sheets as costly as dishwasher?

Once again I’m looking for sheets and towels. I don’t know why these items seem to all look shabby at once. It’s like appliances on a much grander scale in terms of expense. First, my dryer wasn’t drying the clothes, then the washer rebelled and didn’t wring the water out[…]

What folks are doing these days

After my limerick column appeared, I received several from readers. Mike Mulligan sent one that referenced papyrus leaves as a substitute for toilet paper and my friend Jonathan Vipond wrote one about me that I can share, unlike Mike’s that wasn’t as clean. Jonathan wrote that his family referred to[…]

Stuck inside? Grab a paint can and get creative

Isolation and staying home doesn’t pose as much of a hardship in Key West as in northern states. Somehow being outdoors is a better way to live, under any circumstances. But activities are still limited, making this a good time to catch up on household chores, fix ups and repairs,[…]