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Leslie Linsley - Citizen Columnist

Creativity is everywhere in Key West

People always ask me where I get ideas for my columns. It seems that a lot of people are baffled by creativity and where it comes from. Are we born with that particular gene, is it acquired, do you go to school to learn how to be creative? In my[…]

Bring back the art of the love letter

As I was leaving a friend’s house after a recent dinner party, she said, “I expect a handwritten thank you note,” in reference to my column a couple of weeks ago on this subject. If you missed it, the topic was the demise of handwritten notes. Of course, I dropped[…]

Are those handwritten notes obsolete?

Whenever I get a handwritten note or letter in my mailbox, I’m overjoyed. It’s like finding a relic from a past, more civilized era. It’s not that I don’t send emails and texts to thank friends for a gift, a consideration or a dinner party, but once in a while[…]