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"To Your Pet's Health" by Dr. Doug Mader

Spooning with my dog, revisited for the times

Dear Readers, With the recent constant bombardment of gut-wrenching news in the media, even the heavy duty stuff I’ve had in my own column here for the past month, I thought I would share with you some light-hearted writing from years past. In over two decades of my KWC columns[…]

Understanding a disease: let’s get back to basics

Dear Readers, You can’t turn on any media right now and not hear words like “contagious,” “pandemic” and “flatten the curve.” I have a medical background and to tell you that conditions are not worrisome, even to me, would be a lie. That said, I have always believed knowledge helps[…]

More information on COVID-19 and pets

I am passing along this information from the American Veterinary Medical Association regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and susceptibility in pets. In order for people to not panic, it is important that we all receive factual information. I will keep everybody updated as more information from the AVMA is made[…]

Egg binding in birds requires immediate action

Dear Dr. Doug, I had a cockatiel that I got from the pet store. One morning I found it hunkered down on the bottom of the cage, breathing hard and bobbing its tail. I read on the internet that it could have a respiratory infection, so I got some antibiotics[…]

Give your pets those medications properly

Medications don’t work if they are not given properly. When a doctor gives a patient a prescription, be it a human or pet, it is not a random act. There is thought and logic that dictates why certain drugs are use for specific conditions. When administered properly the outcome is[…]

Dispelling the myths about pets and dental health

Here we go again. It’s time to discuss this very important topic: myths surrounding pets and dental disease. Since February is designated by the American Veterinary Medical Association as Pet Dental Health Month, I feel it is a propitious time to talk about this subject. Poor oral hygiene, often manifested[…]

February is Pet Dental Health Month

In the veterinary world of animal health, February is known as “Pet Dental Health Month.” As I have done almost yearly for the past forever, I’ll dedicate a couple of columns to oral hygiene and pet dental care. The American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS) reports that 80% of dogs and[…]

Can I get the coronavirus from my pets?

Dr. Doug, I have so many questions I hope you can help. I suspect that your readers have similar questions. First off, I just found out that my neighbor’s cat was diagnosed with coronavirus. She lets the cat outside and it roams the neighborhood, including my back yard where my[…]