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"To Your Pet's Health" by Dr. Doug Mader

Rabbit mites are highly contagious and can infect your cat

Dear Dr. Doug, I recently adopted a rabbit from the shelter. I noticed that, after I got it home, the ears seemed to be infected. I got some medication from the pet store to put in his ears (which he hated!) but it did not seem to help. Now his[…]

Are Snakes Deaf?

Dr. Doug , Can you settle a bet between me and some friends? Are snakes deaf? — Steve B Dear Steve, That is a common question. Just recently a client, a Mr. Jones, came to see me for a second opinion regarding his sick ball python. He had been to[…]

Non-painful swollen feet in cats have various causes

Dear Dr. Doug, I have an 11 year-old short hair cat that I adopted from the shelter about a year ago (it was a relinquishment). It is an indoor only cat and eats a quality cat food that contains grain. I noticed that his feet, all of them, were really[…]

Why is my dog frequently eating grass and dirt?

Dear Dr. Doug, I frequently see my dog eat grass and dirt. My neighbor said that he probably has something wrong with his stomach, maybe even cancer. Of course this has be worried. I did some research on the internet and I found different reasons for this. Now, I am[…]

Slugs tainted with poison can be deadly to dogs

Dr. Doug, Do you know what these leachy, shelless, snail-looking things are? I’ve lived here for 40-plus years and have never seen them. Now, I have all sizes in my yard. They’ve come out in droves since the heavy rains started. I’ve sent along a picture so hopefully you can[…]

A closer look at friendly mosquitoes, dog heartworm

Dr. Doug, I read your article on the recent swarm of mosquitoes in the Keys If you will allow me, I’d like to tell your readers about Oxitec’s new second-generation mosquito, which has been designed to help with this problem. Over the past 18 years, we have been committed to[…]

Mosquitoes, king tide and heartworms … what to do?

Dr. Doug, I live on Big Pine and the mosquitoes have been unbelievably bad this past few weeks. It has gotten so bad that I don’t even like going outside anymore. My dog lives outside during the day when I am at work and I feel so guilty for having[…]

Help! Our Key West chickens are out of control

Dear Dr. Doug, After reading your recent article on chickens and botulism (KWC 8-24-19) I feel compelled to write. I never want any creature to suffer, but there has to be something done about the out of control chicken population. Not only in Key West, but Stock Island as well.[…]