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"To Your Pet's Health" by Dr. Doug Mader

Why does my dog scoot?

Dear Dr. Doug, I noticed that my dog has been scooting along the carpet. Every once in a while he will leave small brown streaks on the rug. The checkout person at the pet store told me it was worms, so I got him some worming medicine but he is[…]

Update from the animal farm

Dear Dr. Doug, With this COVID stuff I was wondering what is happening at the Animal Farm on Stock Island? Is it still open? Are the animals still there? My kids and I love that place! Thank you, Catherine Dear Catherine, Thank you for the note and your concern for[…]

Don’t feed the pelicans!

It’s that time of year in the Florida Keys when we get visited by the wintering birds (that’s where the term “snowbird” comes from). I have been asked by some of our local wildlife rehabbers to remind everyone of the dangers of feeding fish scraps to birds. In particular, pelicans[…]

Watch out for scorpions!

Dear Dr. Doug, I saw a scorpion scurrying across our floor last night. Before I knew it my cat went to go pounce on it. My quick-thinking husband threw a pillow at the cat. (I would have thrown it at the scorpion.) Anyway, it scared the cat enough and distracted[…]

Hermit crab can be fun, fascinating pet for child

Dr. Doug, I saw your Facebook post on Irma Big Pine Key this weekend about the hermit crab living in a glass bottle. Now, my son wants to have one as a pet. Do you recommend one? My son is 9 years old. Are they easy to keep and what[…]

Don’t catch these ‘catfish’

After living here for an eternity I am able to tell the season not by the weather, but by the latest trend in pet emergencies. For instance, spring – Valentine’s Day – chocolate toxicities. Beginning of rainy season – Bufo toad toxicities. Now? Lobster season – Fish hook ingestions! There[…]

Watch out for sea turtles

Dear Dr. Doug, I was hoping you would let me reach out to your KWC readers for a very important topic. The Florida Keys, with its abundance of sea life and picture-perfect, blue-green waters are understandably an enchanting allure for boating, diving and fishing enthusiasts. Sea turtles have been drawn[…]

What you can do about separation anxiety

Dear Dr. Doug, I adopted a wonderful dog from the shelter. It is young, about 3 or 4 years old, and some type of Labrador or cross mix. The dog is so friendly and loves being around me and my family. But, whenever we leave it goes nuts, according to[…]

Help! My dog has cataracts

Dear Dr. Doug, I have a 9-year-old golden retriever. I noticed that he has been having problems getting around, especially at night. Seems to trip on stuff and has troubles with the stairs. The vet here said that he has cataracts but that he is too old to have surgery,[…]