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"To Your Pet's Health" by Dr. Doug Mader

Danger! Hot weather can be lethal to your pets

I was watching the news last night and the meteorologist reported that there have been 113 hot weather records broken in South Florida since January 2020. You don’t have to watch TV to know that — just walk outside. Not that long ago I had a column on dogs left[…]

Treating thunder phobias in dogs

It is that time of year when not only do I start getting calls and emails about “astraphobia,” but my own dog freaks out every time there is a thunderstorm. Both dogs and cats can be sensitive to thunder and loud noise, but, with cats, the problem is usually not[…]

Mosquitoes are killing my dogs

Dear Dr. Doug, I like to take my dogs for a walk every morning and evening. Lately the mosquitoes have been murderous. You talked about mosquitoes in cats a few weeks ago. Can you give me some suggestions on how I can keep the mosquitoes off my dogs? When I[…]

What is a mess of iguanas?

I try to learn something new every day. This past week I learned something that had me so amused that I had to look into the topic a bit more. Once I did, I felt compelled to share this with you all. I hope you get laugh out of this[…]

Rainy season brings the smelly, red aliens

Dr. Doug, I found this weird red thing growing in my garden this morning. I swear it looked just like the COVID-19 viruses they keep showing on TV. It is red, shaped like a hamster cage and stunk like a dead animal and was covered with flies. I have a[…]

Hurricane preparedness tips for pet owners, Part 2

Part 1 of pet hurricane tips was published in last week’s Citizen. This week provides a list that you should keep with your hurricane kit. Important to note: Monroe County evacuation shelters allow pets during category 1 and 2 storms. If you know you are going to stay in one[…]

Hurricane season and your pet, Part 1

It is hard to believe that it is already this time of year and I am writing my annual hurricane preparedness column(s). It has been a hard enough winter with all the COVID-19 stress, and now, we have storm season to add to it. The best way to cut down[…]

Why is my cat’s nose pink?

Dear Dr. Doug, When my mother passed away, I inherited her cat. I have two cats already, so this new cat lives outside, and my cats live indoors (they don’t get along). I’ve had it about six months, and pretty much starting shortly after I got it, the fur on[…]