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"To Your Pet's Health" by Dr. Doug Mader

Rabbit fleas, mites can lead to severe disease, death

Dear Dr. Doug, I keep several rabbits in my yard. They live outside. Lately I’ve noticed them scratching a lot and that they seem to be losing fur. Can they get mange? Do you think it is mold (our house and yard flooded in the storm)? I can’t afford to bring them all to the[…]

What happens if my dog bites a wild animal?

Dear Dr. Doug,  I read your informative article on Rabies (Key West Citizen, Oct. 27). Thank you for keeping us up-to-date. I did not find it “alarming” or a “scare tactic,” as some of your readers implied. I do, however, wonder what happens if my dog, who is constantly chasing stuff, does get ahold of[…]

Some foods can cause kidney failure in dogs

Dear Dr. Doug, I came home from work and found my dog collapsed on the floor. There was vomit and diarrhea all around the house (and he never goes to the bathroom inside). When I called his name he looked up at me, then laid his head back down and acted like he couldn’t care[…]

Keys’ pet owners: Keep watch for the rabies virus

Dear Readers, Most everybody has heard the disturbing news from Miami-Dade County in the last few weeks about the increased incidence of rabies cases. Up until just recently the deadly rabies virus has only been diagnosed in wild raccoons. However, in the past week, there have been two confirmed cases of rabies in domestic cats.[…]

Grain Free diets and potential canine heart disease

Dear Dr. Doug, I wanted to recommend a Facebook group, “Taurine Deficiency in Golden Retrievers.” The group has files with tables on various foods and taurine test results. Dr. Stern, the veterinarian in charge of the University of California-Davis’ School of Veterinary Medicine study on this issue, is also a member. He answers lots of[…]

Red tide can have an effect on pets and humans

Dr. Doug, I read in Oct. 6-7 edition of The Citizen that red tide has come to the Keys. I take my dog out on the boat with me and to the beach all the time. Is this something I need to be worried about? Should I keep my dog out of the water? I[…]

Keep a watchful eye for those pesky jellyfish

Ah, the end of summer in the Florida Keys! Known for being the hottest months of the year. It is also known to snorkelers and divers for all the jellyfish in the water. Although most are harmless, there are some that can be problematic to our pets — both for dogs that like to swim[…]