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"To Your Pet's Health" by Dr. Doug Mader

Yes, even dogs get sunburn, skin cancer in the Keys

Dear Dr. Doug, I have a 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. He is an outdoor dog and was recently diagnosed with sunburn and skin cancer. I did not know that dogs could get either. The vet gave him a shot and said that it should help with the inflammation and potentially[…]

Animals behind bars: History of our Animal Farm

Secluded under a austere, formidable concrete building at the end of Hemingway’s Islands in the Stream you’ll find a most unusual collection of critters — all within the confines of the county’s foremost correctional facility — the Monroe County Jail. Most people living in the Keys don’t even know this[…]

Feather problems in pet birds is a complicated issue

Dear Dr. Doug,  My macaw has recently been losing feathers more than usual. I realize that birds normally molt. I am used to that. I’ve had my bird over 20 years and have witnessed her molting many times. But, this is different. Her feathers are changing color and literally falling out.[…]

Some types of algae can be extremely toxic to pets

Dear Dr. Doug, I have been getting a lot of questions lately about the hot weather and all the algae in the canals and marshes. Many of my clients let their pets swim in the canals and some of their dogs will drink water standing in puddles. Can you please[…]

Botulism in fowl is a big problem throughout the Keys

Dear Dr. Doug,  Wanted to ask your help with the botulism and chicken issues. Botulism is widespread in Key West with theses high temperatures and lots of chickens are found suffering and dead. It seems most prevalent in areas where people illegally feed the chickens, post office, empty lots near[…]

Antibiotics — are they really that safe for our pets?

Dear Dr. Doug, I saw a report on the news about how dangerous antibiotics are in pets. It went on to say that as pet owners we should ask our veterinarians if there are any alternatives to antibiotics if our pets get sick. It does seem that every time I[…]

What is up with all those fiddlers on the road?

Dear Dr. Doug, What’s with the little crabs all over the roads lately? It is impossible to drive down the street without slaughtering hundreds of them. I feel so bad! — S. L’Amour, KW via NY Dear L’Amour, I’m hearing you and feeling your pain! This past couple of weeks[…]

Information on pets and the dangers of hot weather

Dear Dr. Doug, Every day when I go to lunch I pass this guy riding his bike and pulling his dog alongside. The dog appears to be dragging behind, tongue hanging out, almost touching the ground. That can’t be good for the dog. I followed him to the parking lot[…]

Can dogs get flesh-eating bacteria from area waters?

Dear Dr. Doug, I have been hearing on the news and reading in the paper about flesh-eating bacteria. I was even on vacation in New York last week and saw a news story about it on national TV, specifically about the recent cases here in South Florida. I’ve only seen[…]