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"To Your Pet's Health" by Dr. Doug Mader

Pet Dental Health Month: Here’s some exotic teeth!

Since this is Dental Health Month I thought I would continue with the theme. Not only dogs and cats need dental care, but so do other animals. Here are just some of the patients I have worked with. OK, smart people, I realize that turtles and birds don’t have teeth but they do have beaks,[…]

Pet dental health: Dispelling the myths many believe

Here we go again — time to discuss this very important topic: pets and dental disease. Since February is designated by the American Veterinary Medical Association as Pet Dental Health Month, I feel it is a propitious time to talk about this very important subject. Poor oral hygiene, often manifested as “doggie breath” in pets[…]

In animal world, February is Pet Dental Health Month

It’s February — and in the animal health world that means it is Pet Dental Health Month! As I have done almost yearly for the past forever, over the next few weeks I’ll be focusing my column on oral hygiene and pet dental care. The American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS) reports that 80 percent of[…]

There are assistance programs for pet owners

Dear Readers, I recently saw a post on Facebook about how expensive veterinarians are. All I can say is that I guess that person has never been to a human doctor. Ugh! That is a discussion for another time. Most of the reliable pet sources that I have checked state that the cost of dog/cat[…]

Sudden paralysis in a cat needs immediate attention

Dear Dr. Doug, I am at a loss of what to do for my cat. He is only 4 years old and suddenly became paralyzed in the rear legs. He was fine up until then. I left for work and he was normal, then when I got home he couldn’t walk. I went to the[…]

Prescription drugs: Information on returns, refunds

Dear Readers, This topic has come up several times in the past week. I used to think it was just veterinary clients who had this concern, but just recently I saw the same issue rear its ugly head in a human pharmacy. A woman had recently purchased some medication. Apparently after she took the medication[…]

Antifreeze can be extremely toxic to dogs, cats

Dear Dr. Doug, I was in the parking lot of the grocery store last weekend and I saw a Key deer drinking what was obviously antifreeze leaking from the radiator of a car. I went in to the store and told the manager but he said that there was nothing he could do about it.[…]

New Year’s resolutions you can make as a pet owner

2019 is just a few days away! Time to commit to those New Year’s Resolutions. As has been a tradition for the last 22 years, I am going to ring in the New Year with some pet-specific challenges. My personal goal for 2019 is to learn something new every day. I want to do all[…]

‘Celebrating’ a merry crocodilian Christmas

On a recent flight, a passenger caught me off guard — rather than asking me what I did for a living, she asked me “How did you get that big scar on your hand?” Being a veterinarian comes with certain, well, inherent risks. Many of my patients want to kill me. I think I can[…]