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"To Your Pet's Health" by Dr. Doug Mader

Iguanas aren’t the only carriers of salmonella

Dear Dr. Doug, I read your column in The Citizen (Sept. 1, 2018) defending the iguanas here in the Keys. They do not belong here and are carriers of disease. I think they should all be killed. I don’t know why you insist on protecting them. — Ed Durham Dear Ed, Thank you for your[…]

Hurricane Irma: One year later in the Keys

It seems like just yesterday my wife and I were packing up the dogs, cats, snakes, bird and frog and were hoping to outrun Hurricane Irma without running out of gas. What a nightmare — fights at the gas stations, no hotels, grid lock. The biggest stressor: Not knowing if you were going to have[…]

Iguanas are increasing: What in the world to do with them?

Dear Dr. Doug, Now that the vegetation is coming back I am seeing more iguanas than ever. I do like them, but, in controlled amounts. I understand that it is legal to kill them in Monroe County because they are invasive exotics. I can’t get myself to kill anything. So, if I trap one, what[…]

Should I get rid of my dog due to bacteria in its mouth?

Dr. Doug, I saw a story on the news about a bacteria that lives in the mouths of dogs that causes deadly disease in people. One of the people who got infected had to have his hands and feet amputated. My dog licks my kids all the time! Should I be worried? Since I have[…]

There are numerous causes of bad skin for pets

Dear Dr. Doug, A stray dog from Homestead adopted me at a gas station about three months ago. It seemed like a young dog and it was a mess. I felt sorry for it and decided to bring it home and give it a chance. It is a wonderful dog but has cost me a[…]

Building a home for your new friend, the hermit crab

Dear Dr. Doug, My son found a hermit crab in the yard and wants to keep it as a pet. Are they safe? Do they carry diseases? What do they eat? I hate to have him take something in if he can’t care for it properly. Thank you. — Dianne, BPK Dear Dianne, Various types[…]

Various methods exists to address thunder phobias in dogs

Dear Dr. Doug, I heard you did a radio spot a few weeks ago about dogs afraid of thunder. Unfortunately I missed it. I am sure that there are others that did as well. Would you mind reviewing the highlights of what we need to know? My dog is petrified of thunder and loud noise.[…]

Older dogs can suffer from prostate problems too

Dear Dr. Doug, My 8-year-old German Shepherd recently started to strain when it urinates. The vet gave it a steroid shot but it didn’t help. I went back and he wanted to give another steroid shot but, I read on the internet that you shouldn’t give dogs steroids. I’ve used him as a breeder so[…]