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"Tan Lines" by Mandy Miles

Something smells good

The signs warn us all not to lean on the little counters, and I don’t. I never lean. God, with my luck, I’d bring the whole building down. But I do bend low to get my face as close as possible to the window because the sweet scent of that cold, creamy air that blasts[…]

My happy place

Some things will forever remain a mystery to me: Morning people, marathon runners and those misguided people who seem to spend their entire lives disrupting or delaying the lives of others. Perhaps nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than in an airport and at any Jersey Shore town, which is where we happen to be[…]

Honoring Her Royal Highness

OK, so, I’m not a “royal watcher.” I certainly wish them no ill, but typically have dismissed them with a smirk and a comment about an outdated monarchy with unlimited — and unearned —wealth. Also, I find the term “fascinator” to be a tiresome misnomer.  The opulence and slavish adherence to tradition just seems so obnoxiously[…]

Breaking the mold

I’m afraid there’s something wrong with my dad, but not just in the way I’ve been telling my mom since high school we should have him tested for, well, something, to explain his maniacal, overprotective ways. Nowadays, I see all these television commercials, which especially this week are filled with other presumed septuagenarians working in[…]

Let’s really meet the contestants

I had a whole series of make-believe conversations in my head last week, deciding what personal anecdotes I would share with Alex Trebek — and all of America — if I was ever to become a contestant on “Jeopardy!” I wanted to be ready, or at least more prepared than some of the past week’s[…]

Economic angst

Have you seen the apology commercials? Facebook, Uber and Wells Fargo are apologizing for screwing us over, selling our information, and acting in a generally abhorrent way, except none of them actually use the word, “Sorry.” That would make the lawyers’ heads explode all over the board rooms. Instead, the ads focus on “moving forward”[…]