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"Tan Lines" by Mandy Miles


Wow, OK. That was close. But now I know. Giant TVs are exceedingly heavy. I also know that said TVs are and should remain a man’s burden, literally, because my involvement with ours was a near-disaster last weekend. It started with a spontaneous yard sale expedition two weeks ago. The neighborhood browsing typically involves just[…]

College code of conduct

I know, I know, you guys know everything. You’re all set. You’ve been there, done that, gotten the t-shirt and Snapchatted a pic. No one can tell you anything, certainly no one over 40 who still uses Facebook, types entire words and uses punctuation. And that’s all well and good. We’ve all been there. But it’s[…]

When we say casual, we mean casual.

Key West isn’t like that buttoned-up, executive suite that responds to the casual Friday trend by allowing sports jackets to replace suits. Not even close. We subscribe to a much broader interpretation of the term “casual Friday.” For starters, we applied it to the whole week, every day. Yes, clearly, our dress code is different.[…]

Don’t disappoint

“I’m not angry; I’m disappointed. I thought you knew better. You’re better than this.” Remember those conversations from your youth, when you had screwed up royally, missing a curfew or getting caught in a lie about being at the movies when you were actually drinking at a friend’s house when no parents were home? Two recent[…]

Honestly, now…

Louis Vuitton ping pong paddles: $2,200. I kid you not. Two paddles, four balls. $2,200. No wonder people hate America. This is how we spend money?This is what Vanity Fair magazine touts in its monthly “Vanities” feature that typically also includes $400 baby sneakers, $6,500 handbags and other Kardashian-style nonsense? I know, I know, it’s not[…]

Enduring thrills

I shrugged off the encounter as if it was no big deal, when really, I felt like one of the cool kids, a high school senior at the start of the school year, coolly relishing the adulation of wide-eyed freshmen. I know I’m not alone in feeling a little smug. It happens fairly often in this town,[…]