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"Tan Lines" by Mandy Miles

A troubling truth

So let me just put this out there: I’m worried about Key West, about where we’re heading, and what we’re becoming. We can’t be steering this ship with our knees. We have to sit up and pay attention. I know I’m not the only one with these concerns. A month[…]

I can explain

OK, so, contrary to popular belief, we here at The Citizen don’t spend our workdays and weekends coming up with new and better ways to aggravate our readers. We, in fact, take our responsibility to you and to the overall Keys community, quite seriously. The recent decision to eliminate our[…]

Pushing our buttons

I love my smartphone, I really do, but I gotta say, I miss real buttons. Remember Blackberries and slide-out keyboards with buttons that clicked individually when you pressed them? Touchscreens were still a futuristic prediction, but actual keyboards for texting and web surfing were downright magical compared to our old[…]

Chores of childhood

I had to chuckle nostalgically the other day in Publix, where a mother with two kids, maybe 2 and 6 years old, was wrestling the toddler into the shopping cart seat and trying to convince the older child to ride in the cart rather than “drive” it through the store.[…]

It’s alive!

It wouldn’t go away. I had dropped my hair dryer a few too many times, and decided a few months ago that it was blowing its last hot breaths. We officially parted ways when the appliance sucked a few strands of hair into the vent on the side and charred[…]

Of peanut butter and prize money

I love peanut butter, love it. But it turned on me this week. But at least now we know. We’ll just add this little hiccup to the annals of “What Not to Do,” and we can get on with our lives. At least, that’s what I told Stan after learning[…]

Hey, bud

I couldn’t stop staring. And yes, I judged him on outward appearances, I admit it. The guy crossing the street in front of my car up at the Jersey Shore a few weeks ago embodied at least three of my pet peeves. He just looked annoying with his man bun,[…]