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"Tan Lines" by Mandy Miles

There’s no place like home

Living as we do in an expensive vacation spot with increasing rents and stagnant pay — travel is often limited to places with free accommodations, and, in the case of our trips to the Jersey Shore, parentally subsidized airfare. (What can I say? My parents rock in all ways possible. Of course it doesn’t hurt[…]

Check your tone

Maybe next time, Weather Channel. That’s right. Maybe next time you’ll be able to keep the disappointment out of your voices when the hurricane you’re tracking shrinks to a Category 2, as occurred with Hurricane Florence early Thursday morning. Not that The Weather Channel folks would admit it. “You’re still gonna get crushed by the[…]

The time is now

So I have an idea. Don’t panic, Dad and Stan. This one won’t cost you a dime and doesn’t involve any sort of room painting or furniture moving. But my plan could very well send some other folks into twitchy and debilitating fits of bewildered opposition. But I need them to keep reading for this[…]

Summer in the city

I realize this is restating what’s insanely obvious to anyone who walks outside, but good Lord, it’s hot. I was actually relieved a few weeks ago when I wrote a story about how the Keys had broken a bunch of heat records. I was afraid I was just turning into a wuss in my old[…]

Changing channels

What started as a fun little diversion is becoming an obsession. My aversion to television commercials and the time I waste while endeavoring to avoid them on regular, cable television have escalated rather alarmingly and are likely occupying entirely too much of my energy in the evenings. I devise plans, develop strategies, compare schedules, set[…]

Household disaster

Things just kept falling. A trio of metal tension rods – the adjustable kind with the noisy spring mechanism inside – went sliding to the wood floor, clanging against each other on the way down like some giant Pick-Up Sticks nightmare. Items I didn’t even know we owned – flat things like empty picture frames[…]