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"Tan Lines" by Mandy Miles

Hey, bud

I couldn’t stop staring. And yes, I judged him on outward appearances, I admit it. The guy crossing the street in front of my car up at the Jersey Shore a few weeks ago embodied at least three of my pet peeves. He just looked annoying with his man bun,[…]

I wouldn’t want …

Greetings from Ocean City, New Jersey, where Stan and I came for our annual Fourth of July sojourn. We’re surrounded by my rock star parents, Bob and Mary Ann Bolen, and a dozen or so relatives, friends, neighbors, dogs and an occasional random child who wanders through the kitchen or[…]

Consider the source

What was I thinking? There I was, in last week’s column, spouting out advice for my newly graduated nephew who will be attending college in the fall. I gave him a whole litany of things to do and not. But then I realized, who am I to give anyone advice?[…]

Facts of life, and family

So, I wasn’t able to give the keynote address at my nephew’s high school graduation last weekend in Boston (mainly because no one actually asked me to do so). But don’t worry, Jack, I’ve never let something as minor as, say, an invitation stop me from sharing my sincere pride,[…]

Looking for love in the wrong place

Oh my god, for crying out loud, how are people still falling for these “catfishing” Nigerian love scams? Come on, people. This has gotten embarrassing on a global level. Did you know Nigerians have created a word — magha — that means “gullible white people?” That’s right, the Nigerian underworld[…]