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"Tan Lines" by Mandy Miles

A man’s job…

Very few things necessitate my presence in CVS at 12:40 a.m. on a Monday at this stage in my life. Certainly, there were plenty of times, years ago, when I still smoked — and CVS still sold — cigarettes. Friends and I, in our reckless, youthful days, were regularly gathered (well past 1 a.m.) at[…]

Out of line, not going postal

So, could Amazon please just buy the postal service? Or, create a whole new, updated system. I’ll leave the details up to you, Jeff Bezos, I’m more the big-picture, idea type when it comes to this sort of thing. But your company changed the world when it started delivering everything in it. Why not take[…]

Working on a workout

I had such big plans for Saturday, then Sunday, finally, Monday was gonna be my morning to power walk my way through Old Town for an hour, which tends to be an approximate four-mile loop. I don’t do the South Roosevelt/Smathers Beach workout thing with all the “real” fitness folks. I need more to look[…]

The Key West Citizen

Get that stamp of approval

Hey, everybody, sorry I missed you last week. Time simply got away from me in a week that included a trial, a commission meeting and, of course, Kanye West demanded my undivided attention. Yes, I should have more time in the coming weeks now that I’ve canceled subscription and email updates from all news outlets[…]

All by myself

I could feel people starting to stare. But I’m sorry, I won’t be rushed — or sassed — by the electronic chick at the self-checkout registers in the grocery store, especially when I’m right and she’s wrong. “Please place your scanned item in the bag. Please place your scanned item in the bag.” “Now listen[…]

The Key West Citizen

The woman folds herself in half. I’m not talking about a simple bend at the waist, but a crease so crisp, her forehead rests comfortably on her outstretched shins and her hands tug at the arches of her feet. Then she smiles that perfectly contented, but let’s face it, sort of smug, half-smile that’s apparently[…]

There’s no place like home

Living as we do in an expensive vacation spot with increasing rents and stagnant pay — travel is often limited to places with free accommodations, and, in the case of our trips to the Jersey Shore, parentally subsidized airfare. (What can I say? My parents rock in all ways possible. Of course it doesn’t hurt[…]