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"Tan Lines" by Mandy Miles

Don’t disappoint

“I’m not angry; I’m disappointed. I thought you knew better. You’re better than this.” Remember those conversations from your youth, when you had screwed up royally, missing a curfew or getting caught in a lie about being at the movies when you were actually drinking at a friend’s house when no parents were home? Two recent[…]

Honestly, now…

Louis Vuitton ping pong paddles: $2,200. I kid you not. Two paddles, four balls. $2,200. No wonder people hate America. This is how we spend money?This is what Vanity Fair magazine touts in its monthly “Vanities” feature that typically also includes $400 baby sneakers, $6,500 handbags and other Kardashian-style nonsense? I know, I know, it’s not[…]

Enduring thrills

I shrugged off the encounter as if it was no big deal, when really, I felt like one of the cool kids, a high school senior at the start of the school year, coolly relishing the adulation of wide-eyed freshmen. I know I’m not alone in feeling a little smug. It happens fairly often in this town,[…]

Arguments and observations

I’ll admit, I love overhearing arguments between couples, love it. Always have. Maybe it stems from a blessedly normal and largely drama-free childhood in a house with two parents who, after 48 years, are still madly in love. Maybe it’s because my own marriage has never included broken dishes or a fully decorated Christmas tree[…]

Was it something we said?

I can’t believe they still ask. They know the answer is going to ruin their day. They know it could make them regret some of their biggest life decisions thus far. But they can’t help it. They have to know. “What’s the temperature down there today? No, never mind, don’t tell me, I don’t want[…]

Give me a hand

In the spirit of new beginnings and renewed resolve this final weekend of the year, I’ll give the driver of that green Ford Explorer with the tinted windows the benefit of the doubt. We’ll pretend that she did, in fact, extend the requisite wave of gratitude last week on Flagler Avenue at the Bertha Street[…]

‘I have found me a home’

It happened.  Imagined by most, but experienced by few, the most fortuitous of Key West occasions occurred last Saturday night on Duval Street. I had a front-row seat – my feet just inches from the stage – for an impromptu performance by Jimmy Buffett at Margaritaville. It happened, and I was there, right there, closer[…]