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"Tan Lines" by Mandy Miles

I’ve been thinking …

So I’m a bit off my usual routine for a few weeks, working a series of half-days so I can spend the afternoon and evening with my parents, who are visiting from Jersey and staying at the Southwinds for three weeks. I even typed that prior sentence without the eye-roll that so often occurs when[…]

Why we have kids

Remember how much easier — and acceptable — it was to fully corrupt a small child for the mere sake of adult convenience? Can you imagine sending an 8-year-old girl into a convenience store to buy cigarettes? Can you imagine a family road trip in which the family’s 3-year-old toddler laid happily “up top,” on[…]

What goes where?

Ok, so apparently I have to work on my “spatial awareness skills.” It’s a real thing. I looked it up after a trip to the grocery store last week ended with a bag of sweet potatoes lodged under the front wheels of the overflowing shopping cart that I was shoving through the parking lot in[…]

Cauliflower has a place – not here

A low-carb frozen pizza with a third of its crust made from cauliflower? Of course I tried it. Oprah told me to. Well, actually, she just splashed her name all over the box, but I knew what she meant. As a frozen pizza connoisseur myself, I was hoping for a culinary miracle, one that makes[…]

Key West chills out

OK, fine. Perhaps my heavy sweater and faux fur-lined Crocs clogs were a bit of overkill around here on Thursday and Friday, when temperatures dipped into the 60s. But I certainly wasn’t the only one taking advantage of the rare opportunities we have to wear the ever-dwindling supply of cold-weather garments that takes up less[…]

Seeing clearly

Car windows, inside and out. Got it. That was all me. It was to be my contribution to the thorough and rigorous car wash that Stan had otherwise completed the other night after our journey to and from the Fort Lauderdale airport for flights to Jersey, where we spent a perfect Christmas with my folks.[…]

But wait, there’s more

It was me. Actually, to be grammatically correct, it was I. The correct pronoun doesn’t change the fact that I was the one holding up impatient motorists while darting among them Tuesday morning to retrieve my cozy blue wrap from the middle of Simonton Street. A gust of wind had turned the soft material into[…]