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Focus on the real needs

Key West has a rich history and its economic underpinnings have evolved greatly over time. From the era of dealing with shipwrecks to cigar manufacturing to sponge fishing and then shrimping, the town has endured. Now our main industry is tourism, where we try to make our unusual history intriguing to the thousands that visit[…]

Citizen Editorial: See something, say something

This week, the Key West Collegiate Academy took a giant leap forward past not only the Monroe County School system but also most other school systems nationwide. Working with local entrepreneur Shawn Verne, Principal Tom Rompella rolled the School Text Tips program out to students, encouraging them to sayand do something if they see something.[…]

Time to shed light on daylight savings time

Leave our time alone — that’s the message of the Florida legislature to Congress. Just as everyone is preparing to “change time” again this weekend, turning our clocks back one hour, both the state House and Senate have passed the “Sunshine Protection Act,” which would keep the state in perpetual daylight savings time. An antiquated[…]

Vote ‘yes’ on city referendum

On Tuesday, March 13, Key West voters will cast the final ballots on whether or not to allow the city to raise the height limit to 40 feet for its affordable housing plans on College Road. The referendum comes at a time when the lack of affordable housing has reached a crisis level. Even before[…]

Demand term limits

If there was a method to automatically replace members of the Board of County Commissioners or the School Board, would you? Actually, you can – through term limits.  A term limit is a legal restriction that limits the number of terms an elected official may serve in a particular elected office. Every few years, we[…]

‘Black Panther’ renews hope for the future

The Marvel film “Black Panther” is currently enjoying a strong run at Key West’s Tropic Theatre. The film has an all-black cast, save two white actors, and is based on the powerful comic superhero, Black Panther, created by the legendary team of Stan Lee and the late Jack Kirby, back in 1966. The movie has[…]