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Cheers and Jeers

Cheers: to the five Fantasy Fest King and Queen candidates. Running a campaign is time consuming and a bit exhausting, but the end result is well worth it, as the various events raise much needed funds for A.H. of Monroe County and the clients they serve. Jeers: to the City of Key West for trying[…]

The Keys are still recovering

Keys residents revel in our laid-back lifestyle, the beautiful subtropical weather and the community that cares. We take pride in embellishing the stories of the quirkiness of our neighborhoods, friends and neighbors and of the many, many attributes that make this our paradise home. Since the impact of Hurricane Irma in September 2017, there has[…]

Cheers and Jeers

Jeers: to all, including Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission, who had a hand in writing the convoluted constitutional amendments that citizens are tasked with voting on in the November election. The courts have already removed one from the ballot and others faced challenges in the courts. The amendments include a morass of local issues that, rather[…]

What are they thinking?

The Florida Keys, and particularly the City of Key West, have long had a somewhat contentious relationship with the Florida Department of Transportation, with the struggle typically centering around the state’s lack of understanding about the needs and intricacies involved in being a series of small communities linked solely by a single highway and multiple bridges. That[…]

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers: to all involved in the National POW/ MIA Recognition Day ceremony at Bayview Park. As George Santayana said a century ago, “Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” With the passing of Sen. John McCain, a former POW, more attention was paid this year to those veterans who suffered horrible[…]

Keys Energy under public scrutiny

To say we are disappointed by the recent conflict of interest controversy at Keys Energy would be a gross understatement. For those who might not be up to speed, the controversy revolves around the electric utility’s plan to hire the son of the board vhairman to fill a newly created senior management position in the[…]

Cheers and Jeers: Sept. 22

Cheers: to the Monroe County Commission for requesting additional information before accepting the state ROGO handout. State officials apparently did not think through the issues before offering the ROGOs, so thankfully the county is taking the time to vet them thoroughly before taking them. At the same time, does anyone really think the 48-hour evacuation[…]

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers: to State Attorney Dennis Ward, the United Way of the Florida Keys and all other agencies and businesses who collaborated to host the Hurricane Irma anniversary event in Big Pine Key last weekend. The event gave us all a reason to pause and reflect on how far we’ve come in the past year since[…]

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers: to the Trophia Foundation for its atest plantings of Poinciana trees. Not only did the organization donate $50,000 after Hurricane Irma for replanting canopy trees that were lost in the storm, but they have built butterfly gardens in the community and also work closely with area schools on programs to educate children about the[…]

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers: to all of the candidates for putting themselves out there and running for office. It’s not easy, it’s time consuming, the hours are long and it’s often thankless, but it’s an essential part of our democratic society. Cheers also to all of the election volunteers who kept the polls running and doing so cheerfully,[…]