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Cheers and Jeers

Cheers: to the Monroe County Public Library system for its summer reading program, along with the preschool story times for the wee ones. It’s never too early to begin reading to children. Introducing them to books at an early age will help to ensure they become lifelong readers. In an area where we are blessed[…]

Affordable housing is crisis of our making

Affordable Housing. The crisis is at the top of everyone’s mind, yet the solution seems as far away as ever. This problem is far from new; historians can bring up examples of various affordable housing crisis’ in Key West dating back to the 1800s. In this latest time of crisis, we often see apathy or[…]

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers: to the city of Key West for planting canopy trees and Royal Poincianas at the Truman Waterfront park. It will be a much more pleasant area to visit and play with the shade trees and the colorful blossoms, and much more welcoming to locals and visitors alike. Good job! Jeers: to all government entities[…]

Cheers and Jeers

 Cheers: to all of the 2018 high school graduates who received their diplomas this week. This is an exciting time in your lives as you leave behind your childhoods and begin your journeys to adulthood. Whether you are going on to college or straight into a job, strive to be the best at whatever you[…]

School safety now on local shoulders

After ducking this critical issue for years, the Florida governor and legislature now want to place the burden on school systems for addressing violence in schools in response to the Parkland shootings this past February. In response to lengthy and admirable appeals from determined classmates and parents of those murdered by a former student at[…]


Once again, the Florida governor and legislature has feinted and ducked the issue for years and now wants to place the onus on school systems to address violence in schools in response to the Valentine’s Day shootings in Parkland. In response to lengthy and admirable appeals from determined classmates and parents of those murdered by[…]

Cheers and jeers

Cheers: to Mosquito Control for moving into their new operations facility on time and on budget. They did the right thing by not building a large headquarters building, opting instead for a lower impact on taxes and a scaled back project. Kudos to the board! Jeers: to the City of Key West for being in[…]

Stop kicking the can down the road

Monroe County’s housing … We need to stop kicking the can down the road. The affordable housing can — a persistent county problem in search of a long-term solution — has been kicked down the road long enough. It’s time for the can to be picked up off the ground and its contents reckoned with.[…]

Cheers and jeers

Jeers: to the Public Service Commission for their outrageous and possibly illegal denial of two Monroe County Commissioners right to speak during the public comment portion of a rate hike hearing case. It’s already shameful that Key West Resort Utilities just received a massive rate hike six months ago and the PSC is already entertaining[…]

Key West’s tree issue continues to grow

An epiphany? Conversion? Divine guidance? Whatever it is, Mayor Cates, we will take it with gratitude on behalf of the tree canopy of Key West.  The Citizen has chronicled with dismay the constant erosion of the hardwood trees in our city. They provide not only beauty but shade and bird habitat. At an April Tree[…]