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Let your voice be heard by voting

The loneliest person in Key West lately has to be the parking attendant who keeps the early voting spots open for those wanting to cast votes on the item currently being voted on in the city. What item, you ask? For those not paying attention, early voting is now underway for the City of Key[…]

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers: To the organizers and participants of the 38th annual 7 Mile Bridge Run, but more importantly to 18-year old Marathon High School runner and winner Jonathan Pitchford, who along with fellow Dolphins runners Owen Pitchford, who finished ninth overall, and Aydan Child, who was the winner of last year’s bridge run and finished fifth[…]

The Duval Street promenade plan needs to pay for itself

The Key West City Commission voted 4-to-1 on Tuesday evening to extend the “Mall on Duval” pilot program to July. The initial “test” period was for February through April. City officials and business owners are eager to see how the event fares during the quieter summer season, and to determine its long-term sustainability. By all[…]

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers: to Monroe County for its efforts to remove roughly 14,000 cubic yards of hurricane debris from 172 Florida Keys canals impacted by Hurricane Irma ahead of schedule and under budget. This is a formula more projects in the Keys should emulate. Cheers: to Winn Dixie for the grand-reopening of four of their five Florida[…]

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers: to Lower Keys Medical Center for improving its hospital rating from one to three stars. This is a significant leap and is testimony to the hospital’s leadership. Indications are that overall, hospital and emergency room care have improved dramatically, to where a major transformation in patient care has occurred. Cheers: to the Navy for[…]

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers: to Mayor Teri Johnston for appointing two new members to the Tree Commission. The mayor has the power to appoint a completely new commission since the old guard does not seem to be adequately concerned with protecting the tree canopy. Perhaps it’s time. Jeers: to the City of Key West for scheduling a vote[…]

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers: to State Attorney Dennis Ward and all those involved with bringing charges against the tourist who jumped on the pelican and posted the video. As with poaching, sending a message of accountability is important for the never-ending line of fools who abuse animals and our resources. By the time he is extradited to the[…]

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers: to the Long Term Recovery Group for their out-of-the box thinking to provide housing for volunteers. Their new housing units based on movable storage containers is a good one in use in many other areas of the country and shows creativity in finding solutions, a trait often lacking in government and other institutions. Cheers:[…]

Polarizing topic sparks attention

The reaction to our column last weekend about the Board of County Commissioners quashing Goal 109, a county-crafted workforce housing initiative that would have allowed as much as a 50 percent density increase in select areas elicited an avalanche of reader, business and community feedback. Much of it was intelligent and thoughtful, much like our[…]

Cheers and Jeers: March 2

Cheers: to the City of Key West for fixing some of the third world streets throughout the City. Please keep the momentum going. Jeers: to all those whining about the inconvenience of having those same roads closed for repair. Unfortunately, there is never a perfect time to close a road. Can’t we just be happy[…]