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Our Man In Havana

Can a coronavirus cure be 90 miles away?

Having just experienced the “cheek to jowl” feeling of an airport’s rat maze in Havana last month, see above, I can somewhat commiserate with the hordes of Americans crammed into close quarters at 13 of our nation’s airports this weekend trying to get home from overseas before everything grinds to[…]

China, Russia make inroads for Cuba railroads

When we first started ignoring and ultimately fighting with Cuba in the early 1960s, there was Russia. Remember that one? Within a couple years of the Cuban Revolution, the next thing Key Westers knew there was barbed wire and heavy guns pointing out to sea on Smathers Beach. Well, as[…]

I’ll bite: What do Fidel and Hillary have in common?

Have you ever Googled something and landed on the Wikipedia page, only to wonder just how accurate the info truly is? I know I have, and during this morning’s searches for Cuba info, something popped up that made me seriously doubt the validity of this online “encyclopedia.” Running a little[…]

Summiting Cuban lighthouse offers hangover cure

Back in November, as you may remember, I spent four very unique days in the remote fishing village of Cocodrilo on the Isle of Youth. I figured after beating that story mercilessly into the ground,” enough time had passed to mention one of the stops we made on our way[…]

A familiar sight along the streets of Cuba

During my latest trip to Cuba, my adopted family in Havana was all excited about a new pizza joint that had recently opened about 30 seconds from their front door in the Cayo Hueso section of Havana. The name escapes me and they’ll need to cook the crust a little[…]

Seeing ‘The Forest’ for the trees, and cars and more

During my first visit to “La Bosque de la Habana,” or “Havana Forest,” I was mildly impressed by the huge trees, many of which are dramatically draped in thick, green vines, but didn’t see much else of interest. I do remember a really cool, New York City-style, weathered, wrought-iron park[…]