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Our Man In Havana

‘The Wino and I Know’

While I’m quite proud of my “Key West Photo Safari” coffee table book, and my upcoming “Cuba Photo Safari” book should be a good one, too, I’m pretty sure I have enough material for a “How to Screw up Photos Like a Pro” book, as well. One wonders who might buy the latter, but photos[…]

Three times a charm

One of several sacred things in Cuba is the Ceiba tree. Around here, they’re better known as the Kapok tree, and can be seen in front of the county courthouse on Whitehouse Street and the Harvey Government Center on Truman Avenue, to name a few. Long revered by practitioners of Santeria across Africa and the[…]

Yes, this was my first rodeo …

I’m a hypocrite, it’s that simple. Fact is, it’s hard to hide when you’re unwilling to kill an animal, but if given the opportunity, will absolutely add bacon to a cheeseburger. So how can an animal-lover be interested in a rodeo? I’ve certainly never attended one in the U.S., and never plan to, but after[…]

Cuba’s love of baseball has deep history

Well, it’s another week and I’ve learned something new from the internet. I think. As always, while putting together these columns on Cuba, I check several different websites that look somewhat credible and try to meld them together into a cohesive thought. And that brings us to a rather interesting point of historical disagreement, which[…]

Music is the universal language

Have you ever heard a song for the very first time and gone nuts on the spot? For me, it’s pretty rare, particularly when I have no idea what in the world the singer is talking about. However, it happened to me on July 26, 2003, in Santiago de Cuba, the country’s second-largest city and[…]

Yabba dabba doin’ the Cuban art scene

When Raul Castro assumed power in Cuba in 2008, many things stayed the same, virtually unnoticeable, actually. However, there have definitely been some changes, not the least of which being the increased issuing of licenses for private business. After about a decade of white-knuckling pork roll-and-cheese sandwiches, microwaved spaghetti topped with ketchup, dried-out chicken and[…]