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Our Man In Havana

Colorful mural brings Cuba history to life

I usually steer my groups clear of the uber-touristy things to see and do in Cuba, but some things are touristy for a reason. Quite simply, they’re kinda cool. The “Callejon de Hamel” fits that description perfectly and, thankfully, if you can move quickly and don’t mind be pushed and[…]

Longing to return to Isle of Youth

Some time ago in this space, I’m sure I’ve mentioned a few of the “adventures” I’ve been able to coax my closest Cuban friend into. Many of you out there have met him, as have thousands of Cuba visitors over the past two decades via his website. His name is[…]

Calling out the history of Cuban cellphones

While trying to remember the feeling of having my first cellphone in Key West back around 1999, I couldn’t help but wonder if it compared to the feeling of having my own “Cuban” cellphone in 2012 or so. For us in the news-gathering business, being able to instantly communicate via[…]

The punchline always comes back to Cuba …

As Americans, we’re accustomed to having, basically, anything we want to eat at any time. Well, one of the first things you’ll notice when traveling through Cuba is that it doesn’t work like that. I admit it, I’m spoiled beyond belief, but after 20 years of running around that island,[…]

Cubans have cornered the market on ‘hybrid’ vehicles

This is probably not the best photo I have of my longtime friend Leo’s car, but it’ll do. It kind of looks like a 1957 Chevrolet Nomad wagon, doesn’t it? To the untrained eye, that’s a pretty safe bet. But this vehicle, which I renamed “FrankenCar” years ago, looks a[…]

Cuban art is in the eye of the beholder

Hemmed-in between the bustling port of Havana and the semi-crumbling buildings of the southern areas of Old Havana are four squares that draw hoards of tourists daily. Finished in 1559 and originally named Plaza Nueva, (New Square), the open space, bordered by various types of architecture ranging from baroque to[…]

World’s greatest rock band still rockin’ Havana and beyond

I knew well before we reached our outrageously-priced seats at the Hard Rock Stadium Friday to (finally) see “The World’s Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band,” that I wouldn’t be getting any nice photos, but when I do a quick image search, plenty of close-range photos made over several decades from[…]

Russian embassy in Cuba a ‘piece of work’

OK, I love Google, and use it all day long, but just like YouTube, it’s easy to get lost. I don’t know who comes up with this “click bait” stuff, but I fall for it far too often and before I know it, I’m looking at photos of celebrity cats,[…]