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Our Man In Havana

Saving the Cuban crocodiles comes with a side of trinkets

It seems no matter where you go these days, the landscape is always changing. Ask any longtime Key Wester and they’ll recall about the good ‘ol days at the Full ‘Spoon’ Saloon, or Logan’s Lobster House. Hell, I’ve only been here since the mid-90s and I, too, can think of[…]

Taking the path less traveled in Cuba can be a challenge

In 2003, after scratching and clawing my way into the online conversation on a Cuba-related message board called the “Greenscreen,” I finally had a chance to meet the blog post’s central figure, a Cuban guy whose nickname was simply “Pototo.” And while this is not a profile on this amazing[…]

Revisiting a couple of old Cuba classics

Now that our government has further tightened many American’s rights to travel, this information may not have much value at the moment, but when it comes to Cuba, things change as quickly as your buddy’s mood. While scouring the ol’ hard drives today, I came across this rather lame image[…]

Cojimar’s history filled with some true, some false tales

Immediately after my first Cuba trip with David Sloan in 1999, plans were made for our return, and my Cuban photo bucket list was born. While I’d have to wait another year or so for my first photos of the big, bearded kahuna, I figured Ernest Hemingway’s boat captain would[…]

El Cobre cathedral a miracle in and of itself

Since I admittedly get most of my facts for these columns from the internet, I figured I would let you know that Google’s estimation of the drive time to get from Cuba’s current capital, Havana, to Cuba’s second capital, Santiago de Cuba, is 10 1/2 hours with “light traffic.” That[…]

‘Prehistoric Mural’ paints picture of old Cuba

High on the list of touristy locales in Cuba is the town of Viñales. Located about three hours west of Havana, it’s still my favorite place, despite the fact that the “black socks-n-sandals” crowd, along with the uber-hip “front and back backpackers” fill the main drag every single day. I[…]

Fulfilling the hope of photographing the pope

Pope Francis’ historic visit to Cuba had been in the works for nearly a year before the hulking, Alitalia jetliner touched down outside Havana in 2015. Among several of his early accomplishments as the first pope from the Americas, Pope Francis is widely credited with the détente between the U.S.[…]

By any other name …

About 60 miles off the southern coast of Cuba, across the Bay of Batobano lies the “special municipality” of the Isle of Youth. First “discovered” by Christopher Columbus in 1494, the island is the second largest in a collection of some 350 Cuban islands, and the seventh largest in the[…]