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CAPT. PETE PETERSON - Citizen Fishing Columnist

Keys’ newest invasive species: the tackle bagger

When the cold north wind shuts down the fishing on the mainland, it doesn’t take long before the annual invasion of the Florida Keys by traveling fishing guides begins. Many of these wandering guides (who I refer to as ‘tackle baggers’) work the summers as river guides out west and up north. When the ice[…]

Let’s talk fish talk

The generation gap between adults and kids seems to be expanding at an alarming rate. It seems as though this divide will unfortunately continue to grow and the exponential explosion of technology will not only serve to impair interpersonal communications, but also reduce the opportunity for mutually shared interests between kids and their parents. Fortunately[…]

Slow drifting … wave after wave

I was offshore fishing the other day and the waves and wind were substantially higher than the NOAA weather guys had forecast. In fact, the waves were easily twice the size predicted. As we sloshed around in the chaotic ocean, one of the larger waves sent a torrent of saltwater spray over the gunnel, covering[…]

Reel … @#*%# … keep reeling!!

Harvesting fish has always been a way of life for people living near lakes, rivers or the ocean. In fact, their ability to survive most likely depended on them consistently catching fish. Of course, anyone who has tried fishing quickly learns the largest schools of fish and biggest trophies always seemed to hang out just[…]