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CAPT. PETE PETERSON - Citizen Fishing Columnist

Are there any sharks around here?

Last April, a large great white shark was filmed “attacking and decimating” a large chum bag hanging off the transom of a boat anchored south of Summerland Key. The video immediately went viral and suddenly people visiting the Lower Keys were petrified at the thought of going into the ocean.[…]

Kids and boating go hand-in-hand

Most kids love going out on boats and experiencing the adventure and fun available on the ocean. In an attempt to improve the safety of your little crew members, it is a good idea to establish a safe zone on the boat where kids ride. Hopefully this location will be[…]

Nothing like a Keys boat dog

Go anywhere in the Keys and you are likely to see locals out and about with their favorite friend — their dog! There is no doubt about it, dogs of all varieties are an important part of the Keys lifestyle that makes our islands a great place to live, especially[…]

‘It smells like fish in here!’

I picked up my wife from work the other day, and as soon as she got in my truck she indignantly proclaimed: “It smells like fish in here!” Totally unfazed, I almost blurted out my standard response to her olfactory acuity responses: ‘That’s the smell of victory,’ but I hesitated[…]