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CAPT. PETE PETERSON - Citizen Fishing Columnist

You need a tow?

I was making a maintenance/fuel run on a Yellowfin bay boat the other day when I spotted an offshore boat sitting dead in the water in an area I knew was extremely shallow. I changed course and headed over to make sure everyone was OK. As I slowed down I could see two guys standing[…]

Coast Guard game time

I recently ventured up to New London, Connecticut to visit my grandson, who is attending the Coast Guard Academy. He is on the football team, so I scheduled my trip to coincide with their homecoming game. The first morning I was up early, so I decided to drive to the nearby Connecticut shoreline to watch[…]

Advances in outboard technology: Still a work in progress

Capt. Fred Wheeler and I struck up a conversation the other day and as usual it centered around fishing, boats, and outboards. Eventually I brought up the new Yamaha 425 engine and asked him if he had seen one yet. I guess our age was showing as we both exclaimed we never imagined seeing such[…]

Working your way through the mysteries of navigation

Seafaring captains had little more than a compass and a sextant to assist them in the daunting task of navigating along the Florida Straits. They faced significant challenges as they attempted to avoid the shallow reefs lining the southern edge of the Florida Keys, particularly at night. Unfortunately, raging storms and strong swirling Gulf Stream[…]