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CAPT. PETE PETERSON - Citizen Fishing Columnist

Another very special day in paradise

There is no doubt about it — everyday in the Keys is special. Unfortunately life has a way of keeping you running at a crazy pace so you end up not fully appreciating the beauty of our islands. While every day is special in paradise, there are a few days that are even more meaningful,[…]

Now that’s a big fish!

The other day I was cleaning some fish and it didn’t take long before I had the strange feeling something was watching me. I looked around for one of those pesky pelicans, but the sky was completely clear. Next I checked for the white heron, who has a habit of sneaking up behind me to[…]

Wow, it’s 2019 … time to go through the boating checklist

It is hard to believe another year flew by so quickly. Fortunately we didn’t have any hurricanes in 2018 bashing our islands, which allowed many us to make significant progress in repairing the damage from Category 4 Hurricane Irma. The quieter tropical storm season also provided us with a much-needed psychological reprieve from storm fatigue.[…]

Bonefish Tarpon Trust

Bonefish Tarpon Trust (BTT) was formed almost two decades ago by a few dedicated fishermen who were deeply concerned with the steady decline in shallow water gamefish populations throughout the Florida Keys. The emphasis of the program was to support “actionable research” which would enable the Trust to pursue and support changes aimed at increasing[…]