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CAPT. PETE PETERSON - Citizen Fishing Columnist

Playing hide-and-seek with elusive mahi

Small “schoolies” were all we could score during our last couple of outings, so today’s plan was simple — head south until you find bigger mahi. I blasted past a few broken weed patches stretched out in 300-400 feet of water and decided to keep on going at 180 degrees[…]

This looks really fishy …

Our last fishing “adventure” was very uneventful as we spent our time trolling through a variety of depth zones in a vain attempt to locate any sign(s) of a weed line, birds, bait or fish. In desperation (boredom), I finally resorted to trying out a variety of different lures and[…]

When you gotta go … you gotta go!!

I know charter captains who hate having women on board. Often this bias revolves around the fact that eventually everyone on board may need to “answer the call of nature,” and for women, this evolution can become a little more complicated. The reality is when you are offshore on a[…]

One more mystery fish

I always look forward to fishing offshore during May, as this time of year marks the onset of the annual mahi migration. Unfortunately, this year, a boat issue delayed my first mahi trip. Once the boat was back in the water I decided to head out dolphin fishing the very[…]