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CAPT. PETE PETERSON - Citizen Fishing Columnist

Either fishing skills or dumb luck can equal big catches

I have the privilege of fishing with a wide spectrum of fishermen. A few are experienced tournament fishermen while many are just tourists looking to learn about saltwater fishing. In fact, I have even fished with a few people who had never even seen the ocean before. Clearly every fisherman[…]

What kind of fish is this?

The ocean surrounding our islands is teeming with a large variety of fish. Since there are more than 20,000 different species of fish swimming around in the world’s oceans, it is understandable when a fisherman has a tough time accurately identifying one of them, especially when you consider fish have[…]

Ask yourself this: How fresh is your fish?

Keys fishermen spend a fortune on boats, fishing gear and bait just to go out and simply catch a few fish for dinner. As a result, the actual cost of a fresh-fish dinner can literally run in the hundreds (or maybe thousands) of dollars per pound. If you are one[…]

Larvae in Gulf of Mexico doing the Loop de Loop

The number and variety of fish in the Florida Keys, coupled with our year-round inviting temperatures, make our islands a world-class fishing destination. Most fishermen naturally assume our southern latitude alone can control our temperature range, but in reality our islands are protected from harsh temperature swings by the moderating[…]