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CAPT. PETE PETERSON - Citizen Fishing Columnist

‘The Dog Days of Summer’

“The Dog Days of Summer” conjures up a vision of dogs panting uncontrollably while lying in the shade as they try unsuccessfully to escape the relentless mid-summer heat. In reality, this colloquial term originated when ancient star-gazing astronomers noticed the hottest time of the year was associated with the rising[…]

I-CAST 2019: The world’s largest fishing show

This year I decided to attend I-CAST 2019, a premier annual fishing and water outdoor products show that is being held at the Orlando Convention Center. This merchandising exhibition is presented by the American Sportsfishing Association, and showcases all of the latest innovations in fishing/outdoor water gear offered by start-up[…]

Needing, or giving, a tow part of angler’s life

I got a call from a neighbor who was having a steering problem with his boat. He was attempting to return from Looe Key and when he tried to get up on plane, the boat immediately veered to the right and would not respond to course corrections. It was obvious[…]

This time we’re stepping into the twilight zone

Fishermen in the Florida Keys venture offshore in pursuit of pelagic species which migrate through the deep ocean waters flowing past our islands. Many of these dedicated anglers have spent their lives trolling in the Gulf Stream, learning how to locate and catch these prized migratory gamefish. Local fisherman who[…]