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CAPT. PETE PETERSON - Citizen Fishing Columnist

Somethings are just stupid

Most successful fishermen have the unique ability to remain positive even when things are not going their way. I have found the real test is staying positive when chaos has erupted on the boat. If you can do that then you are probably a true optimist! However, I must admit[…]

Dog days of summer, and the fishing is hot!

There is no doubt about it, the “dog days of summer’ have arrived in the Florida Keys! During this time of the year, the sultry and pervasive heat becomes so oppressive all you have to do is step outdoors and you will immediately be drenched in sweat! Escalating temperatures can[…]

Watch your six — predators are in the water

Brutal predation is a fact of life in the waters surrounding the Florida Keys, and local fishermen frequently have the opportunity to observe nature’s most dramatic life-and-death encounters. On a recent trip, my fishermen experienced first-hand how a very large and powerful barracuda can quickly be relegated down from the[…]

Gloria: A champion fisherwoman

Life can rush at us at a dizzying pace … often to the point it seems as though time is actually accelerating as we age. When this happens, our day-to-day lives can dissolve into a swirl of survival, commitments and missed opportunities. As the spirit of youth regrettably begins to[…]