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Robin Robinson - Citizen Columnist

How House Bill 1159 affects Key Westers

Residents of Key West should be concerned by the new Tallahassee edict HB-1159, which fails to provide for mitigation inches, which are a crucial cooling tool for Key West. Tallahassee’s failure to consider the unique circumstances of each community, especially Key West, an area of critical concern, has put our[…]

Include plants in hurricane planning

The season is upon us. Tropical depressions are lurking in the Atlantic waiting to drop their dark clouds over our sunny island. There are a few things a gardener can do to prepare for poor weather. If you have newly planted trees they should be staked as the winds will[…]

This blonde showers any area with beauty

It might be brave to change the appliance color to sunshine yellow in your off-white kitchen, but nature has no trepidation about flinging summer yellow all over the garden. There are allemande, lilies as well as the golden shower tree, (Cassia fistula), one of many plants in the cassia group.[…]

Plastic in the world’s oceans could destroy more than just fish

“The ocean is dying! The ocean is dying!” Chicken Little is raising a din again. Regrettably, there is some indication that she is correct this time. The most common photosynthetic organism on earth resides in our ocean water in the warm- and light-imbued top 200 meters of water. Prochlorococcus marinus[…]

Brachts come in a wide variety of forms

We are surrounded by hundreds of different brachts in a wide variety of forms. Generally, gardeners like them, never thinking that they are a plant’s seductive “come-ons” or protective “stay-away” for insects. Brachts are specialized leaves that are thicker, thinner or brighter than a typical leaf. Plants that have brachts[…]

Mango magic: Don’t sweat the nubbins

My friend woefully told me that her large mango tree went over in Hurricane Irma and she lost it. I despaired for her because mango expert Jeff Stotts maintains that a mango tree can be righted if the roots are kept wet, the earth is dug out under the exposed[…]

Create a garden moment in the backyard

Just sit. Watch. Clear your mind of everything that is not the present moment. If you sit in a garden, even one in the middle of a city or in your own back yard, wonderful sights appear. I saw a worker bee climb into the depths of a flower. It[…]