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Robin Robinson - Citizen Columnist

This pineapple lady is sure ‘pretty in pink’ in your garden

Loitering in your future garden is the “oh la la” sweetie of the pineapple world. She was developed and patented by Del Monte. After 12 years, the GMO pink pineapple was approved by the FDA in 2016. I know, its GMO category initiated a flight-or-fight response in you, but calm down. This is not adding[…]

Honey harlot is so fertile she is invasive

My friend Carol took me around her block to listen to the music of the women’s tongue tree. The chit-chattering of the six-inch dried seedpods blowing in the wind reached all the way down the block. The thirty-foot canopy tree was showing off the music that got it named women’s tongue. It’s also called siris.[…]

Black and white, good and bad of horticulture

“Every front has a back,” goes a Chinese proverb.  Angel trumpet is one of those plants where not all is as it seems. Despite the resemblance to Gabriel’s trumpet hailing souls into the pearly gates of heaven, the backside of this enticing plant is truly evil. It could be called the devil’s trumpet. Shamans in[…]

Can you tell a sable from a thrinax?

There are people who can name every car ever made; others who can tell the name of a song’s artist from every 1980s tune. I am amazed by the minuae that people retain in their brains. But I am disappointed by the number of people who don’t know anything about the characteristics of the plants[…]

Aphrodisiacs of the mamey fruit are found in local backyards

The lush, orange flesh of the mamey fruit (pronounced mam-A) is reputed to be an aphrodisiac, giving men extra powers. Biting into this Cuban hottie is a supremely sensual experience. It is reported that a Cuban woman named Josefina Jimenez smuggled three mamey seeds into the U.S. in her brassiere in 1952. That would make[…]

Who knew what was in that weed?

Plantain, the best healing herb on the planet, probably resides in your yard. The Indians called plantain (Plantago major) the White Man’s Foot because everywhere that the new travelers went, rosettes of plantain leaves sprouted up. The broadleaf plantain was so useful medicinally that travelers carried the seeds to spread on purpose. It was the[…]