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Today In Keys History

Today in Keys History: Oct. 29

Editor’s Note: The Monroe County Library is providing excerpts from Mr. Hackley’s diary entries from his time in Key West in the early 1830s. 1830: William Hackley recorded in diary. Rose with the dawn and read the papers. The British Brig Allergo which was wrecked sometime since sailed today having undergone complete repairs under the[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct. 28

1860: William C. Greene died at the Dry Tortugas. He served as mayor of Key West from 1839 to 1840. 1908: A tropical storm passed to the west of Key West, causing little damage. 1927: Pan American Airways flew it first flight from the newly constructed Key West International Airport. Pilots Huey Wells and Eddie[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct. 27

1900: At the annual meeting of the Fire Department, the following officers were elected: H.G. Fulford, chief; S.J. Wolf, first assistant chief; Phil Henson, second assistant chief, Ernest Higgs, secretary and C.F. Albury, treasurer. 1911: Rear Adm. Lucien Young arrived and took command of the Key West Naval Base. 1923: The United States Quarantine Station[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct. 26

1965: The permanent Army Hawk missile, just north of Key West International Airport, was dedicated by Adm. T.A. Christopher and Mayor Kermit Lewin. 1968: Congressman Dante Fascell dedicated the new Post Office on Summerland Key. 1994: Buddy Owen’s famous B.O.’s Fish Wagon on Duval Street was moving to a new home on Key West Bight[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct. 25

1888: Jefferson B. Browne was named Postmaster of Key West. 1901: The United States dredge boat Winyah Bay competed its work on the northwest channel, and steamers could go through at low tide. The depth was about 15 feet, which was ample for the boats that used that channel. Larger vessels used the main channel[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct. 24

1892: Key West celebrated the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America with special programs in all the schools. 1899: Miss Carrie Watson returned to Matecumbe Key to take charge of the school there for her third term. 1908: Dr J.B. Maloney opened the Louise Maloney Hospital on Fleming Street, next to the Key[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct 23

1770: The HMS Carysford wrecked on the Florida Reef off Key Largo and gave its name to the reef that was changed to Carysfort. 1899: The cornerstone of the Gulf of Mexico Wesleyan Methodist New Church on Simonton Street was laid. Four stones were laid: one by the Pastor J.A. Brindley, one by Mayor Bartlum,[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct. 22

1953: The Monroe County Health Unit reported the 54th case of polio case of the year, with five deaths. 1957: Adm. Francis D. McCorkle reported that the U.S. Navy had a total of 11,776 military and civilian workers on the payroll in Key West, plus an additional 8,243 dependents living in the area. 1972: Karl[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct. 21

1909: Dutchy Melbourne, who was serving a 13-year sentence in the state penitentiary, escaped. He had been convicted of the murder of Police Officer Clarence Till, as well as robbery and arson. 1955: Calling U.S. 1 between Key West and Miami a “killer highway,” a Miami developer called for a super highway to the mainland.[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct. 20

1898: The Cuban population of Key West was dropping as a great number returned to their homeland after the end of the Spanish-American War. 1893: Jefferson B. Browne took over the office as Collector of Customs. He appointed P.T. Knight as deputy collector, P.E. Thompson as chief inspector and Gus Weatherford as day inspector. 1899:[…]