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Today In Keys History

Today in Keys History: June 29

1951: A Navy PBM crashed near Dredger’s Key on take off from the Sea Plane Base, killing eight of the nine-man crew. 1963: Capt: Charles D. Fonvielle relieved Capt: Lemuel M. Stevens II as commanding officer Naval Air Station Key West. 1984: A federal grand jury indicted 22 people charged[…]

Today in Keys History: June 28

1912: The following were the winners in the runoff election: John G. Sawyer, state attorney; J. Otto Kirchheiner, tax assessor; Carl Bervaldi, county commissioner; Roy S. Fulford, county commissioner; Rogelio Gomez, justice of the peace and Alberto Camero, constable. 1966: Marine Lance Cpl. Leland (Skipper) Albury died from wounds he[…]

Today in Keys History: JUNE 27

1903: The corner stone was laid for the First Congregational Church on William Street. The ceremony was conducted by Reverend S.F. Gale, Home Missionary Superintendent for the Congregational Church of Florida. 1914: The R.L. Polk & Company Key West City Directory contained 8,606 names. By using the multiple three to[…]

Today in Keys History: JUNE 26

1894: Walter C., Maloney Jr. died at the age of 55. A Florida native, he served on the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He served as Mayor of Key West from 1889 to 1891. He was also tax collector/assessor for Key West and Monroe County Attorney. 1914: Dr. J.Y.[…]

Today in Keys History: JUNE 25

1914: The Key West Harbor Master was J.R. Curry Sr. The Board of Pilot Commissioners (appointed by the governor) were president G.A.T. Roberts, vice president W.D. Cash, secretary-treasurer C.C. Curtis and members C.H.J. Roberts and C.L. Roberts. 1965: Townsend Morgan, 81, died in Englewood, Florida. During the Great Depression, he[…]

Today in Keys History: June 24

1930: In a run-off election, Arthur Gomez of Key West was elected state senator for the 24th district and Roy S. Fulford was elected county commissioner. 1954: A 49-year-old woman became the 31st polio victim of the year. She was the oldest person to be stricken with the disease in[…]

Today in Keys History: June 23

1904: A shooting took place on Fitzpatrick Street between two men from rival insurance companies. One man was shot in the shoulder and the other arrested and charged with assault with intent to murder. 1913: Marcey B. Darnell was named Postmaster of Key West. 1937: In the run-off election, Cleveland[…]

Today in Keys History: June 22

1938: Miss Bernice Brantley was acclaimed Miss Key West and Queen of the Overseas Highway Celebration, July 2-4, at the Cabaret Dance at the Habana Madrid. 1946: Capt. W.J. Suits relieved Capt. Charles E. Reordan as the commander Naval Base Key West. 1956: Monroe County Sheriff John M. Spottswood was[…]

Today in Keys History: June 21

1513: Ponce de Leon named the islands at the western end of the Florida Keys Los Tortugas. 1914: The Internal Revenue office was at 423 Front St. The Deputy Collector was C.L. Knowles and J.L. Johnson was the Stamp Deputy. 1923: Ground was broken for the construction of the new[…]

Today in Keys History: June 20

1914: The Key West Fire Department’s full-time employees were: Station No. 1 at City Hall Sam Collins, foreman, Antonio Garcia, chauffeur; H.B. Lowe, chauffeur; Ralph Pinder and Richard Russell, firemen. Station No. 2 Jackson Square John P. Baldwin, foreman; Ramon Rivas, driver and J.P. Bright, chauffeur. Station No. 3 Packer[…]