Today In Keys History - Part 4
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Today In Keys History

Today in Keys History: Oct. 21

1909: Dutchy Melbourne, who was serving a 13-year sentence in the state penitentiary, escaped. He had been convicted of the murder of Police Officer Clarence Till, as well as robbery and arson. 1955: Calling U.S. 1 between Key West and Miami a “killer highway,” a Miami developer called for a super highway to the mainland.[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct. 20

1898: The Cuban population of Key West was dropping as a great number returned to their homeland after the end of the Spanish-American War. 1893: Jefferson B. Browne took over the office as Collector of Customs. He appointed P.T. Knight as deputy collector, P.E. Thompson as chief inspector and Gus Weatherford as day inspector. 1899:[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct. 19

1876: A hurricane of minor intensity hit Key West with winds of 75 mph, causing slight damage to roofs and trees. 1927: To fulfill its contract with the U.S. Post Office, Pan American Airlines hired pilot Cy Caldwell to fly a singled-engine seaplane from Key West to Havana. He left Key West at 8:04 a.m.[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct. 18

1899: Mortimer Falk, senior member of the firm of S. Falk and Sons, met a committee of striking workers from his factory and, after a lengthy discussion, agreed to the demands of the strikers. The prices paid by the Gato Factory and Ferdinand Hirsch Factory were adopted for use by the Falk Factory. 1906: A[…]

Today in Keys History: OCt. 17

1899: Hook and Ladder Company No. 1 held a business meeting to discuss uniforms. It was decided to keep the old style uniform. New silver badges were given to each member for identification at fires. 1909: Howard Trumbo, the dredging engineer who built Trumbo Point, was awarded a large dredging contract in Cuba. 1910: A[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct. 16

1905: The Island City Bank opened its doors in the Tropical Building and Investment Company’s building until its new building was completed. 1923: A special bond election overwhelming approved the funds to build a highway to the mainland. 1954: Cleveland Niles died at 65. He served for many years as Chief of Police for Key[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct. 15

1923: Lopez Funeral Home, with Benjamin Lopez as funeral director, undertaker and embalmer, was located at 413 Bahama St. 1975: The ceremonial planting of the first tree as part of the Downtown 76 restoration project took place in the 600 block of Duval Street. 1985: The Key West Post Office moved from the Federal Building[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct. 14

Sunday, Oct. 14 1939: The Navy Department announced that the long-unused Key West Naval Station would reopen on Nov. 1. The station was used to support ships engaged in neutrality patrols of the Atlantic and Caribbean. 1941: Will Doughhtry of the Florida Keys Aqueduct Commission announced that the corner of Jackson Square, at the intersection[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct. 13

Saturday, Oct. 13 1865: George Phillips was named postmaster of Key West. 1898: Commander P.P. Gilmore relieved Commander J.M. Forsyth as commanding officer Naval Station Key West. 1923: The Key West Electric Company had its office at Duval and Grinnell streets and its electric plant at the corner of Emma and Geraldine streets. 1923: The[…]

Today in Keys History: Oct. 12

1877: The following were winners in the city election: L.W. Bethel, mayor; Peter T. Knight, clerk; Richard C. Roberts, marshall; William D. Albury, tax collector; William Curry, treasurer; and commissioners Robert Gabriel, George D. Warren, Domingo Andre, Charles Curry, F.W. Roberts, John Long Jr., Samuel Filer, Jeremiah Fogarty and B.P. Baker. 1881: Dr. Robert J.[…]