August 9, 2017

Benito Rodriquez has been a commercial printer for 38 years. He now owns and operates Keys Prints with his wife, Alba, seen here. 

Contributed Benito Rodriquez has been a commercial printer for 38 years. He now owns and operates Keys Prints with his wife, Alba, seen here. 

KEY LARGO — Benito Rodriguez is a true pressman. His career in the printing industry has spanned 38 years and has taken him all over the country, ultimately landing him in Key Largo as the owner of Keys Prints.

Rodriguez has made a successful livelihood from his craft, raising three children. He’s run a 6-color Heidelberg press, which isn’t for the faint of heart, as it runs a high risk of amputation and hearing loss. Rodriguez, by now, knows the ins and outs of the business.

After owning and operating Unlimited Impressions, an industrial printing company in Doral for eight years, Rodriguez made the move to Key Largo two years ago. His business is based in the Central Plaza, where he works alongside his wife, Alba.

Rodriguez puts in long days, arriving usually by 7:30 a.m. to his storefront. He returns emails and plans his day from there before the store opens at 9 a.m.

Keys Prints prints car wraps, boat wraps, brochures, business cards, signs, T-shirts and more.

Miguel Espinal, the business’s full-time graphic designer, takes pride in his craft. He’s proud of his ability to think 3-dimensionally and designs vehicle and boat wraps.

Alba boasts a 100 percent customer satisfaction in their work, especially the vehicle wraps.

Espinal starts with an actual photograph of the vehicle and builds graphic panels from there.

He’s able to show the customers what the finished product will look like on his computer during the final consultation. If needed, he can make adjustments, and when customers sign approval on the design, the physical wrapping is usually done within a day or two.

They’ve covered the Key Largo Chocolates’ vehicles and the Construct All fleet.

When asked what sets Keys Prints apart from other printers, Alba said, “We are prompt. We try to provide the great service and get it done.”

As for adjusting full-bleed print jobs, Rodriguez said they usually fix it for free. He said they do the best they can for the customer. He’ll try to work with client-provided artwork and will make suggestions for improvements.

Keys Prints also offers window perforations, which allows a business logo or wording to be seen from the outside, but not from the inside.

“It’s like a plastic paper, it will last forever,” Rodriguez said.

The company offers channel letters, LED lightbox signs and custom contour decal cutting.

There is no minimum or maximum order on prints. They’re still aligned with their former business in Doral and can handle 1,000-plus print orders.

Rodriguez said business card production remains an important part of the job. 

“The first impression is the one that counts,” he said.

His favorite kind of card is a foil-stamped, soft-touch paper card.

“They’re rare, they’re custom and expensive,” he said.

Keys Prints is located at 102900 Overseas Highway. For more information, call 305-440-3245 or visit