June 1, 2019




Christopher Laugharn Adair, aka “Uncle Fish”, “Christapuss” and “Baby Shamu,” set a new course just after midnight, Friday, May 25, 2019. Finally, at 71, fair winds for my merman of 35 years.

He began his underwater journey at age 8, free diving off the shores of Catalina Island, California with a Brownie Hawkeye Camera enclosed in a mason jar equipped with a plunger and hand-applied wax ring.

After studying at Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, he traveled east to warmer waters and a new life to test the first underwater zoom video camera lens.

His early family life and freelance photography career afforded him many adventures and landed him in the Florida Keys. His black and white archival images of sea life are treasured by many around the globe.

Chris had a special way with his friendships — personally designed for each person he knew.

His artistic and loving nature, spirit of kindness and fun, his own style of mischievous banter and incredible knowledge of sea, earth and sky will be forever missed.

Words from his friend, Steve Kellogg:

Energy moves in a constant wave; never ending

Forever will our broad chested diver be in our aura

My heart aches & is relieved at the same time.

The fight has been long & persistent.

I will hold forever the tidbits of Chris knowledge close in my mind.

My tears are reflecting visions of mermaids & manatees.

I love, I am sad & I will hold Chris in my memory for the rest of my days.

Bon voyage and we’ll meet you wind surfing in the cross currents again, my love! Forever in my heart, Your mermaid, Reen (Stanhouse).

There will be a gathering at the waters’ edge to honor this special man.

Contact info: islandiron@earthlink.net reference “Chris”