May 15, 2019

Chef Clark Huff has previously worked at the Arkansas governor's mansion and has served former President Bill Clinton, who is a vegan.

Contributed Chef Clark Huff has previously worked at the Arkansas governor's mansion and has served former President Bill Clinton, who is a vegan.

KEY LARGO — Instead of buying a bulky box stuffed with common spices and superfluously packaged foods that still need to be cooked, Upper Keys residents can now order non-processed meals by Creative Clean Meal Plans of the Keys crafted by chef Clark Huff.

The meals come prepped, cooked and ready to reheat with recommended instructions in a bento-like box or personal meal kit containers.

These bento box-like meals are created by chef Clark Huff for his Creative Clean Meal Plans of the Keys, a homemade meal delivery business.

Huff provides regular clean meals, ketogenic options, and vegan and vegetarian meals. New and perpetual dieters can take a meal-planning reprieve since Huff takes the caloric and carb count guess work out of plated dishes.

“Clean means nothing processed,” Huff said.

Huff uses organic produce when creating dishes that call for spinach, grapes, pears, celery, tomatoes, potatoes and more.

“I avoid using produce that pesticides penetrate more easily,” he said.

In his kitchen, he uses uses organic ingredients “as much as possible.”

Huff has made his living in the kitchen, which he describes as his sanctuary.

He’s a certified culinary administrator and former director of food and nutrition for public schools. He has worked at the Arkansas governor’s mansion under two governors and served two past presidents including Bill Clinton, who is a known vegan.

“Clinton has been a vegan for a long time now. He’s lost a lot of weight and is a lot healthier now,” Huff said. “I’m not a vegan so I read a lot of what’s trending and healthy for vegans.”

One of chef Clark Huff’s creations.

In a newly formed partnership with Key Largo’s American Legion Post 333, Huff gives 10 percent of his earnings back to the organization. He’s also looking to expand his offerings.

“It’s important to give back,” he said. “This is a great place. It’s growing in popularity and supports our veterans.”

Orders received by Friday are delivered from the Ocean Reef Club to Islamorada the following week.

His operation is supported by his wife, Martha, who helps with grocery shopping, prepping and deliveries.

She said in the two months they’ve been operating, they’ve made a lot of people happy, particularly busy families or people who cook for only one person.

A sampling of the keto menu Huff offers includes a taco bowl with ground beef, tomatoes, corn, avocado, shredded cabbage and spicy ranch dressing. The dish in total has 360 calories, 22 grams of protein, 23 grams of fat and 7 grams of carbs.

Vegan options include a coconut curry lentil stew over quinoa or vegan jambalaya. The regular clean meal plan includes boneless Boursin cheese chicken thighs or balsamic wasabi glazed pork loin with mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts with candied bacon.

“I make a potato cheese soup with a crusty bread,” Huff said. “I’m really a baker at heart.”

Servings are substantial in the regular and vegan meal plans. They’re weighed for the keto dieters.

Online reviews of Creative Clean Meal Plans of the Keys are positive so far.

Ashley Arrabal raves about the “Bang Bang Shrimp” in the keto diet.

Jane Wasmund said, “We got our week’s supply of meals today and our first lunch was buffalo chicken lettuce wraps. They exceeded my expectation on taste and were so delicious and filling.”

The cost is $12 per meal, or $10 per meal when ordering more than five a week and $9 per meal when ordering more than 10 a week.

“There’s nowhere you can go and get a meal probably with leftovers for less than $10,” he said.

Find Creative Clean Meal Plans of the Keys on Facebook or call 501-626-2424.