September 5, 2018

TAVERNIER — Davon Jamar Thompson, 28, pleaded no contest last week to illegally dumping a dead dog in a wooded area on a dead-end street in the Harry Harris neighborhood last month.

Thompson was arrested on Aug. 10 following an investigation that began after Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a Hispaniola Road resident reporting that they witnessed a man dump something out of the back of a red SUV on July 21.

The following day, the witness made a second call to the sheriff’s office after discovering a dead dog in the area where the man in the SUV had been seen.

It was brown and white young female pit bull wrapped in multiple blankets with no initial signs of injuries, according to Thompson’s arrest report.

Animal control later discovered a single stab wound to the left side of the dog’s neck, according to the report.

The arresting paperwork states that the dog’s owner had asked Thompson to take it because the dog, Lucy, became aggressive toward two children. The owner, however, didn’t know what had happened after giving the dog to Thompson.

About a week later, the owner then told deputies that Lucy had run away after escaping a fenced yard, and that Thompson had never been given permission to harm or remove the animal from the home, according to the report.

Thompson allegedly admitted to dumping the dog, but he stated he did not kill it. How the dog died remains unclear.

A woman who Thompson was dating told deputies in a subsequent interview documented in the report that Thompson had dumped the dead dog to prevent the owner’s children from seeing it, but she did not know how the dog had died.

The veterinarian contracted by Monroe County was unable to positively determine the cause of the laceration, but said the dog had not been dead for long.

Thompson will serve 50 days in jail, which is less than the 60-day maximum sentence for the second-degree misdemeanor, and pay a $500 fine.

He’s being detained in Key West and may be held on a warrant issued in Miami-Dade County.