Key West CitizenSeptember 9, 2017

MONROE COUNTY, FL — Monroe County Emergency Management is asking residents to install “Virtual Badge” on their smartphones in order to speed up the post-storm response to Hurricane Irma. So far almost 800 Keys residents have registered for the app.

As the Keys recover, the County can use this channel to monitor your status and expedite the recovery. Here’s how you can help.

1) After the storm has passed, please use the Resident and Evacuee Check-In Form to update your status. This app will work in a completely disconnected environment, retaining the data until you regain cell service or WiFi connections.

2) If you know the location of any valuable critical resources such as food, fuel or water – or can volunteer critical medical, sanitation or heavy equipment skills, please complete the Critical Resources Survey form.

If you have not done so already, please download and install “Virtual Badge” to your smartphone using the directions below. Also, please update your location if this is your initial use or you have moved from a previous report.

On the iTunes App Store or Google Play store, please search for “Virtual Badge.” Download this app and create an account. Once you have created an account, please register with the “Monroe County, FL” organization and “Monroe Resident” badge type. You will be taken through steps to register a badge.

Once you have your badge, you can record data using the Forms button that can be accessed through the “+” sign on the lower right of the Virtual Badge application. Click on the Resident or Evacuee Check In Form at the very bottom of the list. Please fill out as much information as possible except the CASE field. All of the recorded information will be sent to Monroe County Emergency Management prior to the storm’s arrival.

For specific badge registration instructions please view this video on youtube:

If you have trouble downloading Virtual Badge, call George at 561-305-5182, Dave at 719-487-5827 or Manuel at 561-257-3769.