Key West CitizenSeptember 30, 2017

Photo provided by U.S. Navy
Navy fuel tanks are shown on Tank Island -- now Sunset Key -- in the 1970s. The fuel tanks were never used. 

Photo provided by U.S. Navy Navy fuel tanks are shown on Tank Island -- now Sunset Key -- in the 1970s. The fuel tanks were never used. 

Saturday, Sept. 30

1856: William Hackley recorded in his diary: Rose at 4:30 to which hour I have set the alarm and it raining did not walk out but walked the piazza until it was light enough to see when I bathed. At 8 a.m. barometer 29.40, thermometer 83, wind southwest 2, clouds 10. The damaged part of the cotton of the bark Emigrant and sails and etc. were sold by the Marshall this morning. Slight rain squalls all morning with thick cloudy weather and a low barometer about 2 a.m. the wind came out from the northwest with quite a nice rain.

1952: In a special election, the voters approved a dog tract on Stock Island, which the backers planned to open in February 1953.

1958: Ralph E. Cummingham Jr. defeated J.Y. Porter IV in the Democratic primary runoff election for state representative group two.

1959: Gov. Leroy Collins named Louis Carbonnell clerk of court to fill the unexpired term of Harry Dongo, who resigned.

1976: President Gerald Ford signed a military construction bill that included a provision to keep the Naval Air Station Key West open. The station had been slated for closing or major cutbacks.

1986: In the Democratic primary, Ron Saunders was elected state representative as he did not have an opponent in the general election.

1987: The Key West City Commission approved the annexation of Tank Island, which is now known as Sunset Key.

Sunday, Oct. 1

1855: William Hackley recorded in his diary: To sore to walk, bathed. At 9 a.m. barometer 29.50.5, thermometer 86, wind northwest 1, clouds 3. The ice gave out today and the weather being hot the water is distasteful without it. Read papers.

1909: Louis Mouton, proprietor of A. Granday & Company, manufacturer of green turtle soup, died in Key West.

1951: Mrs. Pauline Hemingway died after a brief illness while visiting California. She had been a resident of Key West since 1927 when she came here with her ex-husband, writer Ernest Hemingway.

1952: Admiral Irving Duke drove the first stake to began construction of the three new buildings for the Fleet Sonar School on the south part of the Naval Station near the beach.

1969: Long Key State Park was dedicated.

1974: The winners in the run-off election were Jerome V. Shipley, county commission; Purie Howanitz, county commission; Joseph Thompson, school board and Edith Lowell, mosquito control.

1991: In city elections, Harry Bethel was elected to the commission and the voters overwhelmingly rejected a referendum that would have given the city authority to issue short-term bonds and refinance bonds without voter approval.

1993: Naval Aircraft Squadron VAQ-33 was decommissioned at the Naval Air Station Key West. VAQ 33 had been the largest squadron in Key West.

1994: Willie Ward, a long-time civil rights and community leader, died at 70.