June 5, 2019

Jessica Price

Jessica Price

KEY LARGO — Everyone eats differently and has their own biochemical makeup and nutritional needs. As a chef and ardent nutritionist, Jessica Price knows this. She meal plans and caters to the wide variety of paleo, keto, raw, macro, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, low-carb dieters through her new business, Sea Creatures Café.

It’s like having a personal chef without paying an annual salary.

“People eat all different foods,” she said. “A lot of moms are trying dye-free diets for their kids who may be special needs, and people have allergies. I have a client who is doing a keto-vegetarian diet.”

Sea Creatures Café caters planned meals to people who eat keto, paleo, raw, macro, vegetarian, gluten-free and other diets. These are ketogenic peanut butter cups available as a snack option.

That one took some research, she said. And then there’s always the classic picky eater.

Price said she herself is very picky and understands the plight of finding good food that’s nutritious and tasty.

“People have to tune-in to which foods work for them and which ones don’t,” she said. “I’m here to help them do that.”

Foods can heal people, but they can also cause bloating or stomachaches, so people need to be aware of how they feel after they eat, she said.

Sea Creatures Café’s customized meal service has had no citations from the health inspector, and Price plans to keep it that way. She keeps a clean kitchen and operates it meticulously.

“I can use as many pairs of gloves as I want,” she said. “I like to change them after every task. That’s how it should be.”

She said she was once reprimanded by a former boss for using too many gloves in the kitchen and is excited to be her own boss now.

Price has had the idea to offer custom meal plans to customers for about five years and it’s taken two years to retrofit the former Subway at the top of the Keys into Sea Creatures Café.

Hurricane Irma and a contractor who bailed out delayed the opening. Future plans include expanding in-house dishes and offering classes.

Jerk chicken over coconut rice with pineapple salsa and green beans are included in a recent meal made by Sea Creatures Café owner chef Jessica Price.

How Sea Creatures Café’s meal plans work:

Price meets with her clients first to go over dietary needs, restrictions, dislikes and allergies. She then creates a customized meal plan with a snack option, emails the plan to the client and refines it as necessary. She then does the shopping, prepping and cooking before making deliveries.

Some Sea Creatures Café dishes include jerk chicken over coconut rice with green beans and pineapple salsa, gluten- and dairy-free oatmeal muffins, grilled steak with tomato and balsamic glaze, romaine wrapped Italian subs, strawberry smoothie bowls made with almond butter, ginger and cinnamon and topped with toasted nuts and coconut.

Meal plan clients may request a dessert-only option. Price said her “killer” keto cheesecake is growing in popularity.

Sea Creatures offers customizable packages with each meal priced at $10. Deliveries are made from the Ocean Reef Club to mile marker 88 on Plantation Key three times a week to customers to ensure the dishes are as fresh as possible. A small delivery charge may apply. Drop off points can be arranged and pickup at the café is also available.

Sea Creatures Café is located at 105970 Overseas Highway in the same shopping center as Kiffney’s Firearms and Indoor Range.

For more information, find Sea Creatures Café on Facebook, email Price at seacreaturescafe@gmail.com or call 304-481-6936.